NieR Replicant Jack of Hearts Boss Guide

Jack of Hearts is a huge shade that you will fight in NieR Replicant remake. The fight takes place at your village during the Route A epilogue, a normally safe haven and marks a significant point in the story. In this guide, we will tell you everything that you need to know about defeating the Jack of Hearts Boss in NieR Replicant.

NieR Replicant Jack of Hearts Boss

Let’s start by looking at the attacks that Jack of Hearts will throw out in both phases of the fight and how you can counter them.


Shockwave (First phase)
In this attack, the boss creates a shockwave by pounding his hands onto the ground. You can simply dodge this attack by jumping over.

Summon Sphere Shades (First phase)
In this attack, the boss summons the sphere-shaped enemies, and they throw projectiles around. They’re fairly easy to defeat and can optionally be ignored.

Stomp Shockwave (First phase)
Jack of Heart creates a damaging shockwave by stomping his leg onto the ground. This attack can also be dodged by simply jumping.

Tentacles (Second Phase)
Jack uses his tentacles to attack. You’ll have to judge the distance of the attack and move away.

Spinning Attack (Second phase)
In this attack, jack starts to spin. You can simply move to the side to dodge this attack.

How to Defeat Jack of Hearts

The fight with Jack of Hearts takes place in two phases. The first one is against his giant form in the village and the second is against a smaller form in the library.

Your first encounter with this boss will happen in the village. He will be accompanied by other shades as well. You can either take these shades out or just focus on the Boss. When you are fighting with him he will use different attacks which are also mentioned above.

When Jack uses the shockwave move you have to use this moment and attack his arms which will cause damage to him. You can also use magic to attack Jack’s body.

Always watch out for the attack gauge. Whenever an attack gauge appears on his arms use a charged dark lance on the gauge and destroy it. After that, a cutscene will be played.

After that, you have to follow Jack of Hearts towards the market. You can use Dark Lance when he moves above. Jack will stop at the market entrance and again use the ground shockwave attack.

Now you have to go upstairs to reach the top of the gate and you will get close to Jack’s arm. Again follow the same tactic dodge the shockwave attacks and attack his arms. Whenever the attack gauge appears destroy it as well.

After that Jack will start to go towards the Northern Gate. Follow him and this time you have to attack his legs. Dodge his attack get rid of the sphere-shaped shadows and wait for the attack gauge to appears and destroy it as well.

Once you have destroyed the attack gauge over his head another cutscene will be played. Once done you have to attack him with the Dark Lance again to end the fight.

Your second encounter with Jack will be in the library. Here you also have to attack him with weapons and magic. As explained above, you have to dodge his attacks and counterattack him. Wait for the attack gauge to appear on his body.

Destroy the gauge and after that start again and this time your target is to destroy the attack gauge on his head. Once you have destroyed the attack gauge on his head the boss will be defeated.  You’ll now encounter Grimoire Noir.

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