NieR Replicant Hook Boss Guide

Our NieR Replicant Hook Boss guide takes a dig into everything you need to know in order to overcome the Hook boss in the remake of NieR Replicant.

NieR Replicant Hook Boss

The Hook is the 3rd boss that you’ll face in NieR Replicant remake, shortly after the Kaine boss fight. This boss is actually quite out of the ordinary given that you’ll face it twice, both times in The Aerie. Below, we’ve laid out the behavior and all the moves of the Hook boss and the strategy that you need to follow to beat it.

So, let’s begin!


  • Leg/Arm Stomp: creates a destructive shockwave by raising its leg/arm and stomping it on the ground.
  • Multi-Leg/Arm Stomp: it’s a similar attack to the first one in this list, except that Hook carries out multiple leg/arm stomps, resulting in consecutive dangerous shockwaves.
  • Mouth Projectile: release multiple spherical projectiles from its mouth.
  • Extended Mouth Projectile: similar to the previous attack except that this time around, multiple projectiles are shot and for a longer duration.
  • Shades’ Summoning: summons sphere-shaped shades on the battlefield.
  • Tail Strike (second encounter only): hits the target in front of it with its tail.
  • Ram (second encounter only): paces forward and rams the target in front.

First Encounter Strategy
During your first face-off with the Hook boss, you just need to be wary of only a few attacks and avoid them. For Leg/Arm Stomp, prepare to jump as soon as you see the boss raising its leg/arm. For Mouth Projectile, you simply need to dodge them by running away.

As far as the summoned shades are concerned, they can be a real nuisance, so whenever Hook summons them, you should eliminate them quickly before shifting your focus back to the boss.

With everything stated above in mind, charge at boss using either your weapon or Dark Blast. Keep attacking its arm until the attack gauge appears and then unload on it.

Now, Hook will ascend the side of the cliff and summon shades while targeting you with mouth orbs and arm slams.

First, take out the shades, and then go at the boss and attack its other arm in the same manner as before until the attack gauge appears, allowing you to destroy its arm.

Next, all of a sudden, Hook’s moves will become potent, and it’ll switch to multiple leg stomps and multiple mouth projectiles.

Here, you don’t need to panic. Just keep striking the boss with magic and when the attack gauge appears on its head, concentrate all your power on it to beat the boss. Victory in the first encounter against Hook grants you Dark Hand.

Second Encounter Strategy
The move set of Hook remains pretty much the same in both encounters. There’s only the addition of Tail Strike and Ram in the second encounter. To avoid the Tail Strike, run to the side whereas dodging behind the boss countermeasures the ram attack.

First up, strike at Hook’s leg while being prepared to jump when it carries out a leg stomp. Keep striking until the attack gauge appears. When it does, unload on it with Dark Hand.

Having done that, a cutscene is triggered. After the cutscene, make your way to the marked location while taking down the shades on your way.

When you’ve reached the destination, descend the latter. Here, you’ll meet Kaine and encounter Hook once again.

This time, attack Hook’s tail using Dark Lance. Keep your focus on the boss’s tail and ignore the shades that it summons for now.

When the attack gauge appears, unload on its tail with both Dark Lance and Dark Blast. Consequently, the tail will fall to the ground, and you can use a melee weapon to destroy it.

With its tail destroyed, Hook will try to flee, and you’ll need to chase him. So, accordingly, head north toward the storehouse platform with boxes.

Navigate to your left and dismantle the boxes to acquire Medicinal Herb and Fertilizer. After that, eliminate the shades ahead, prompting another cutscene.

When the cutscene ends, continue in the western direction while killing any shade that crosses paths with you. Next, exit the storehouse and move southwest. You’ll find Hook encamped on a circular platform.

Again, attack one of its legs. However, this time around, utilize magic and melee weapons. When the attack gauge appears, unload on it.

With one of its legs destroyed, the Hook boss will become enraged. It’ll use a new charge attack to carry out its offense which you can easily avoid standing near the edge of the platform.

The boss will also summon a lot more shades. Nevertheless, stay focused on its other leg. As soon as the attack gauge appears on its head, go all out to finally annihilate it. As a reward, you’ll get Dark Phantasm (Sealed Verse).