NieR Replicant Grimoire Noir Boss Guide

In NieR Replicant, you will face many bosses of all shapes and sizes as you progress through the story. One of these bosses is Grimoire Noir, who you will face in the first part of The Village Epilogue. In this guide, we will explain how to defeat Grimoire Noir boss in NieR Replicant.

NieR Replicant Grimoire Noir Boss

In NieR Replicant remake, you encounter Grimoire Noir twice. The first encounter is during The Village Epilogue Part 1. After you defeat Jack of Hearts, Shadowlord and Grimoire Noir will appear.

The Shadowlord will have Yonah in his arms. Grimoire Noir will try to persuade Grimoire Weiss to team up, before Kaine’s voice interrupts the conversation. Grimoire Weiss maintains his commitment to his friends. The cutscene will come to an end. After the cutscene ends, you will have to fight Grimoire Noir.

The second encounter will be during the final fight with Shadowlord at the Shadowlord’s Castle.

Grimoire Noir Attacks
Grimoire Noir has a number of different attacks up his sleeve. One is Floating pages in which he summons book pages that stream towards the target.

They also cover Grimoire Noir and shoot can shoot as projectiles at the enemy. Dodge this attack by moving out of the way. The projectiles in this attack can be blocked and destroyed by your weapons.

Another one of his attacks is a barrier, which shields him from your attacks. You can destroy this barrier by using your weapons and once the barrier is broken, he will be vulnerable to damage.

The last attack is Straight Charge, in which he zooms towards the enemy when its shied is activated. Move out of the way to dodge this attack.

How to Defeat Grimoire Noir
At the start of the fight, some Shades will appear along with Grimoire Noir. Grimoire Weiss will lose his magic abilities at the start of the fight as well, which will be regained one by one as the battle progresses.

First take out all the Shades and then focus on Grimoire Noir. Grimoire Noir can release pages and each page can release magic orbs. He can also perform charge attacks and block your attacks using a defensive barrier.

To defeat Grimoire Noir, use melee attacks at the start of the fight. As you damage Noir, attack gauges will appear. Destroy the attack gauges to gain access to your magic attacks. Now use your magic attacks to chip away his health.

Keep using combo of melee and magic attacks at Grimoire Noir and destroy the attack gauges to defeat him.

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