NieR Replicant Betrayers Boss Guide

This guide cover tips and strategies for the NieR Replicant Betrayers boss fight. It covers all the locations where one can face attack and also the strategies required to counter said attacks with ease.

NieR Replicant Betrayers Boss

The area where you will encounter the Betrayers boss fight in Nier Replicant remake will be Shadowlord’s castle and the reward will be Shadowlord’s castle map. Here is a detail of attacks along with the countermeasures you can try

Attacks Details Countermeasure
Dark Energy Orbs Move the staves and fire dark energy three times. Run around or move away from the boss.
Dark Blast Bullets are fired usually by Popola. Run anywhere to the side.
Dark Lance Again usually Popola owns this. Throws the spears by targeting you. Run anywhere to the side.
Dark Hand You can face hands like the dark clouds mostly owned by Devola. Try to dodge her by moving to the side or around her.

How to Defeat Devolo and Popola

Wait for the Third Dark Energy Projectile
As for the strategy of their attack they mostly use dark energy as their weapon. As described above in the table that they can attack three consecutive times, so it’s their strength for this reason. Also Devola and Popola can gain Grimoire Wiese and can attack the same as Grimoire does.

They also have the ability to employ the same magic as Nier does. Your strategy to counter this should be to move around and surround them and then use your weapon and magic. It’s better if you wait for the third dark energy to be fired and then attack them. Spears can be useful as they can be used to attack the enemy from distance.

When you will attack betrayers they will run so make sure you chase them. Also keep in mind that they can reappear after running away all of a sudden. This can be the best time for you to attack them using a spear without coming closer to them as moving closer can make you more vulnerable to their attack.

Counter with Dark Hand and Dark Lance
After this Betrayers can gain strength by using the other three ones (Dark Lance, Dark Hand and Dark Blast). Make sure you are not facing them and run away when they are firing these on you as described in the table above.

To counter this you can use Dark Lance when you are at a distance and Dark Hand when you get close to them, this will surely damage their health.

When Devola gets closer to the heart of region make sure not to remain close to her as she can use Dark Hand. Melee attacks and magic will surely help you finishing the fight with bosses.

Punish them for Missing
Now after this you will head towards the next phase of the fight against Devola and Popola in NieR Replicant. Devola using Dark Hand and Popola both Dark Lance and Dark Blasts can be a real threat. Here note the fact that Popola can assist Devola by providing her with the buff that comes from the orbs. Devola uses this to damage the enemy but you can use spear to attack her when she is unable to hit the target.

Along with this, you have to try running and dodge her while you are attacking. When you succeed against Devola, Popola comes to the scene and fights. You just have to run and keep attacking using your weapon and when you get close apply melee attacks to destroy her.

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