NieR Replicant Act 1 The Village Walkthrough

After the mysterious and bleak prologue, you are suddenly thrust 1000+ years into a village where Nier Replicants’ main storyline begins. This NieR Replicant Act 1 The Village walkthrough will take you step by step through the aforementioned Village in Route A of NieR Replicant remake.

NieR Replicant Act 1 The Village

As you wake up in the village, you need to leave the room and exit the house. Before doing so, at the first floor you can examine a wall to get herbs and 100G. As soon as you leave the house, talk to Devola. She’s found by the fountain.

Once you are done with Devola, head on to the library and here, you need to meet Popola. Once you reach the library and talk to Popola, you get the Northern Plains map. Popola requests you to go and get 3x Mutton and 3x Herbs. You have your first quest.

Leave the Library. Talk to Yonah if you want to but it’s not required. As you exit the Library, a cutscene will follow. After the cutscene, get to the Northern Plains by passing through the Northern gate.

The Northern Plains
Once you get to the northern plains, time to hunt. As per your quest, you need to get 3x mutton. The get this mutton, you need to kill some sheep. While attacking sheep, do not approach from the behind otherwise the sheep will kick you.

Kill a few sheep and get the mutton; collect some extra mutton to sell for some quick cash. Second, look around for glowing areas of medicinal herbs. Harvest them. Once you have all the required items, go back to the village.

You will run into Shades whom you’ve encountered before in the prologue. You’ll have to kill them.

Turning in the Quests
With the shades defeated and the meat and herbs collected, it’s time to go back to the village. Give the mutton to the shopkeeper. He can be found in the shop district and he’ll pay you 600G.

Now head on to the library and here, give the 3 herbs you harvested to Popola. In case you did not find enough herbs or decided not to harvest them, then you can also buy them from the shop.

With the task complete, head back to your own house and talk to Yonah. This will progress the game to the next day.

Yonah is missing!
On the next day, again talk to Yonah and then head off to the library to speak to Popola. Popola will again send you to the northern fields, but this time you are to specifically kill shades.

Head off and you’ll find shades near the bridge. Defeat them and then go back to Popola at the Library. Popola will give you 1000G.

Time to return home. Head into Yonah’s room. When you check Yonah’s bed you’ll find that she’s missing. Head to the library and talk to Popola to find out where she went.

After talking to Popola, you’ll find out that Yonah went outside the village to find a Lunar Tear. Head to the eastern gate and here, you’ll find Yonah’s ribbon, a sparkling item on the ground. With the ribbon, travel to the Lost Shrine.

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