NieR Replicant Act 1 The Seafront Walkthrough

This NieR Replicant Act 1 The Seafront walkthrough will cover the main objective of The Seafront in Route A of the game and how to accomplish it. We will be touching on the obtainable items, the walkthrough, and strategies included in this location.

NieR Replicant Act 1 The Seafront

The main objective, while you are at The Seafront in NieR Replicant remake, is to obtain a Shaman fish for Yonah as she’s not feeling well. For this, Nier will have to ask around to find out where he can find a Shaman Fish.

However, the only person that will give helpful information to your query will be located near the shores.

The old fisherman will provide you with a rod and lure and ask you to fish around the beach.

You won’t find the fish near where the fisherman is present. Instead, you’ll find it on a hidden beach some distance away from the lighthouse. You’ll find an ‘X’ mark on the map as an indicator of the location.

Items you will obtain in this Quest

  • The Shaman Fish that you will catch from the beach at the Seafront.
  • Rod and lure given by the old fisherman at the Seafront.
  • Moonrise given by the guard after saving him at the Southern Plains.


When present in the village, talk to Yonah. After talking to Yonah in your house, leave for the library to have a conversation with Popola. Now head to Southern Gate to make your way to Southern Planes.

Southern Planes
After you’ve made it to the Southern Planes, you have the liberty to either kill or leave the enormous shade roaming in the area. Now in order to protect the guard, kill the shadow. Talk to him about getting the Moonrise (weapon).

Go to Seafront by following your way to south and obtaining venison and antlers to kill the deer.

To get a good number of items and gold, you’ll have to make your way to the mansion with some giant spiders. It is located at the end of the map. On your way, you’ll also acquire some items from gathering points in the zone. Now make your way towards Seafront by heading south.

Reaching Seafront
After having a chat with Weiss, go southeast, where you’ll find the old fisherman who will give you a rod and lure. Follow the ‘X’ mark on the map and go through the tunnel to reach the beach. You’ll also find ‘gathering points’ here to acquire some items.

Now go towards the water and fish. Without much trouble, you’ll quickly obtain the Shaman Fish. After acquiring the fish, you’ll get a cut scene. Now head back to the tunnel after it’s done.

You’ll have an old lady come up with a request to get mail from the post office. Go to the post office and receive the mail for the old lady and then go to Popola after you’re done. Now again, head towards the tunnel to the beach and go towards the lighthouse and climb up.

To acquire 1000G, make sure to chat with the old lady. After talking, exit Southern Planes by going north. Go back to the village now.

Returning to Nier Village
Go back to your house and give Shaman fish to Yonah so she can feel healthy again. After giving her the fish, the game will jump to the following day. Make sure to talk to Yonah to enable the quest ‘Yonah’s Home Cooking’ for her.

Now go to the library and talk to Popola. She will ask you to give back The Aerie, however before you do that, upgrade the weapon. Nier will get it done from the junk heap for the fees of 1000 gold after Popola tells her to. In case you’re low on cash, do some side quests.

You can start this quest at Village Tavern after having a conversation with Devola. Before leaving, talk to Popola to see if she has more quests for Nier.

Junk Heap
Now, head to Northern gate to go towards Junk Heap. The junk heap is located towards the Northwest of the Northern plains.

On the level below, you will find a vast water body surrounded by waterfalls.

Head down towards the railroads, where you will find a ladder. Climb up this ladder and then the bridge to reach the Junk Heap. You will find this area after passing through the iron grate gates.

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