NieR Replicant Act 1 The Lost Shrine Walkthrough

This walkthrough will help you get through the entirety of The Lost Shrine in NieR Replicant remake. This NieR Replicant Act 1 The Lost Shrine walkthrough also contains the locations and details of all the obtainable items during the mission.

NieR Replicant Act 1 The Lost Shrine

If you haven’t got to The Lost Shrine in NieR Replicant remake yet, just follow the Eastern Road from The Village. Head left towards the mountains from here. Get to the valley and take the ladder to your right from here. Climb the ladder and then head towards the bridge, which will eventually lead you to the Lost Shrine.

Now that you are here, climb up the circular staircase. Before heading upstairs to the second floor, check out the small wooden box in the middle of the stairs. It has the Lost Shrine map in it. Great work! Now go ahead.

You will see a locked door as you reach on the top floor. The Bronze key to this door is in another section of the shrine. So first just grab the medicine from the wooden box in front of this locked door, and then go ahead.

Follow the same path and you will eventually go through an open doorway that comes after 5 rooms from the locked ones. Check all of the crates here and you will find the Bronze Key here.

Return to the locked door where you found the medicine and open it up using the Bronze Key. You will have to deal with the Shades while making your way towards the ladder.

Climb the ladder and you will find yet another box on a platform. Break the box to get your hands on the Nirvana Dagger. Whoa! Now go up to the third floor.

You will have to deal with more of the Shades here. Make your way to the open door at the end of this area. Go outside and climb up the platforms to get to the roof of the area.

You will see a huge blue block to the right of this area. Push the box towards the wrecked ladder and then use it to climb the platform above. Go ahead the same path and you will come across a save point.

Grimoire Weiss
After saving the game, go ahead through the large door and a cutscene will be triggered. Deal with the Shades that appear after the cutscene and then hit the Red Emblem with a charged attack.

Another cutscene will be triggered. When you speak with the book, Grimoire Weiss, reply with a “Yes”. Shades will appear afterwards. Deal with them and you will learn the “Dark Blast” during the fight!

Hansel and Gretel Boss Fight

Once the Shades have been defeated, you will have to deal with Hansel and Gretel, the twin armored bosses.

A good strategy against them is to attack them from behind using your melee weapon. When they miss a charge attack, you have a good window of attack to retaliate.

When you use the Dark Blast against them, maintain a distance so that you can dodge their counter attack. You will see that one of them hasn’t got a shield around them, focus on that one. Once one is down, the other is easy.

Once they are both defeated, get Yonah home and the mission comes to an end