NieR Replicant Act 1 The Junk Heap Walkthrough

Junk Heap is a main story area in Nier Replicant. This NieR Replicant Act 1 The Junk Heap guide walks you through the entire Act 1 main story and gives detail on how to acquire all the items and strategies on defeating the boss to earn rewards.

NieR Replicant Act 1 The Junk Heap

Start the story by heading towards the gate of the Junk Heap to enter the store named Two Brothers Weaponry.

You’ll find Jakob and Gideon inside to talk to. However, there is a lack of material for the upgrade of NieR’s weapons therefore, the next stop is at the Junk Heap to gather three pieces of Titanium Alloy.   

Junk Heap

The Titanium Alloys are few of the rarest materials found in the game. So, finding them can be a bit challenging, but you’ll manage your way to find them. Make sure to look for Ground Robots with red lights since the pieces are dropped by them quite often.

Once you do find them, head back to Jacob/ Gideon, so he can upgrade NieR’s Nameless Blade.  In return, you’ll get the activation codes and passwords for the elevator at the Junk Heap along with its map.

Take the elevator down to Basement 1. You’ll come across many floors, wall turrets and defense robots at Junk Heap. In order to go any further, you must go through each room. Some rooms will be locked therefore, the game provides you with bombs to blow them up.

Use the explosives to clear the remaining rooms and make your way through the waves of flying robots above the mine cart rails. Simply follow the rail path, avoid getting damaged by the robots and reach a door on the right that leads you to another room.

Note that the room is filled with robots and turrets, so you must clear them out to get to the next path. Across the door, there’s an open area. Use the air dash to cross the path, reach the mailbox save point and get ready for the upcoming boss fight against Geppetto.

Defense System Gepetto Boss Fight

Side Note: Make sure to grab the perfume bottle from the room past Gepetto’s boss area.

Gepetto is found in the last room at the Junk Heap. The boss is equipped with multiple features such as laser fingers, releasing robot clusters, turrets, and tracking missiles.

Apart from the boss himself, you’ll also encounter several robots and turrets in the area. Therefore, first take them out then focus on the boss.

Laser fingers are the most effective attack of the boss and must be avoided by all means possible. However, with great powers come weaknesses and Gepetto has a bunch of them.

The most vulnerable part of his body has to be his fingers that shoot lasers. Take them out, and you’ll take out his main attack. Take a clear look at the shadow of his hands, so you know when to dodge during his crush attacks.

As you lower the boss’s health, a cluster of robots is summoned in the area. Take care of them and progress into the fight.

The final stages of the fight make you target his head. Keep in mind that magic has no effect on its head therefore you must bomb its mouth. Once you’ve defeated the boss, you’ll get rewarded with the Sealed Verse

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