NieR Replicant Act 1 The Aerie Walkthrough

Nier Replicant Act 1 The Aerie Walkthrough including the boss fight.

In this NieR Replicant Act 1 The Aerie walkthrough, we will take you through your first visit to the Aerie during your first playthrough of NieR Replicant while helping you clear all its objectives and defeating all its bosses.

NieR Replicant Act 1 The Aerie

The Aerie is a hanging village nestled in the northern plains in NieR Replicant remake. In the Aerie, you will encounter plenty of shades and engage in boss fights against Kaine and Hook during your first story route of NieR Replicant.

After you’ve brought Yonah home from the Lost Shrine, you need to talk to Yonah and go downstairs. Grab the 300G and Seeds of Power on your way out.

After that, you have to talk with Devola, who is singing a beautiful song close to the fountain. After talking with her, go to the library to find Popala, her twin sister.

Once you are done talking with Popala, some side quests will get available, which you can complete and earn good money. You now have to go to the gate on the north side to travel to the Aerie to speak with its chief.

Now that you are in the northern plains and from here, you have to go in the southeast direction. On the way, you will encounter some enemies which you can fight or simply ignore. Moving forward, you will see a tunnel that is going to the Aerie. Enter that tunnel and go towards the Aerie.


The Aerie

You’ll now move to the Aeries after noting a small shack just before the entrance to the hanging village. You’ll go over a bridge and have to beat the enemies you will encounter.

After that, you have to move forward along the canyon wall till you see a ladder. Use the ladder and go up. After that, you have to go to the bridge behind you to reach the house of the village chief.

You have to fight with the enemies along the way and after that go up from the ladder on the right side. After that, you have to talk to the village chief and then left the village by going all the way back.

When you come to the shack near the village entrance, you have to examine the flowers for a cutscene to start. Now is the time for the battle with the Kaine Boss.

Kaine Boss fight

Kaine is a boss with high magic resistance, so you have to fight her with weapons. You have to avoid her attacks and retaliate with a melee attack whenever you get a chance.

After her health is lowered a bit, the next phase of the battle will start. Now she attacks you with a projectile attack and a spin slash using her two swords.

You can easily dodge this attack by moving towards the side. Attack her once she misses some attack. Continuously moving is the key to victory in this fight.

Continue doing this, and the battle will end when her health reaches about 25%. After that, another cutscene will be played, and now it’s time for the second boss fight, which is Hook, an enormous shade.

Hook Boss fight

The fight with Hook is divided into three phases.  During the first phase, the Hook has two attacks leg shockwave and mouth projectiles. You can avoid these by jumping and running around. You can use your melee attack on his legs till the attack gauge appears and after that, try to destroy it.

In the second phase, Hook will gather sphere-shaped enemies and you have to beat them first. You have to watch out for Hook so you can avoid the attacks.

In the third phase of the fight, Hook becomes more powerful. You have to attack him continuously and avoiding his attacks at the same time till the attack gauge appears. You have to destroy it to end the battle.

After taking out Hook, watch the cutscene and you will get a black hand after that. Now it’s time to return to the Nier’s village by getting back through the Northern Plains again. After getting back to Northern Plains again, you have to choose from seeing Popala or check up on Yonah. You can choose any option here.

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