NieR Replicant Act 1 Facade Walkthrough

This NieR Replicant Act 1 Facadeguide will be focused on the walkthrough of NieR Replicant’s Facade story mission of the first route.

NieR Replicant is the prequel to NieR Automata that takes place in the same world. The game’s storyline is divided into two routes or parts. The first part consists of 12 main story missions and the second route consists of 9.

NieR Replicant Act 1 Facade

Your objective in Nier Replicant’s Act 1: Facade is to meet with the King of Facade and talk to him about the matter of the Black Scrawl. When you enter Facade during the first Act, you won’t understand other NPCs as they speak other languages. Head to the location marked on your map. This will take you to the King’s Manor.

Take the left or right stairway to the entrance of the manor. The guard will stop you from entering as the King is not available as of right now. Go back to talk to Kaine.

A girl will be walking who will fall and drop her stuff. Help her out, and she will tell you her name, which is Fyra. Weiss will be able to talk to her as she speaks sign language. Fyra will be kind enough to take you on tour around the town. You can choose to skip while following her.

You will now be back at the entrance of the King’s Manor. Talk to the guards again to know if the King is available or not. The guards will say that he is still unavailable at the moment. Go back to the entrance of the town where Kaine is.

While you are talking with Kaine, Fyra will come by who will recognize Kaine. Kaine saved Fyra the last time they met. A cutscene will play and the Masked Soldiers will come at you to alert you that the Prince has gone missing in the Barren Temple.