NieR Replicant Act 1 Emil’s Manor Walkthrough

This NieR Replicant Act 1 Emil’s Manor walkthrough will take you through the entirety of the Haunted Manor of Nier Replicant remake in Route A. We cover all the aspects of the mission, including all the collectibles and their locations.

NieR Replicant Act 1 Emil’s Manor

From the starting village, follow the marked destination to the east to reach Emil’s Manor in NieR Replicant during your first playthrough. You will see the gate of the Haunted Manor here. Head through the gate and go talk to Sebastian, the butler in front of the manor.

Follow him to the dining room, and soon, he will leave. When he does, go out of the dining room through the door near the fireplace. You will enter a corridor through this door. Reach the other end of the corridor and go through the door there.

You will now step into yet another corridor that will be full of paintings. While you are here, you will observe that there is a strangely bigger door in the middle of the corridor, between the paintings.

Start examining this door until Grimoire Weiss recommends going back to the dining room. So, head back to the dining room and you will find out that Kaine is gone. So, get back to the same door that you were examining and head out of it.

The Moon Key
Now that you are in the courtyard, head through the door in the opposite end of the courtyard, past the fountain. There will also be a wooden box by this door. Break the box to get your hands on Spirit Drop. Also, check the sink nearby to find the Moon Key.

Now go back all the way to the corridors of paintings and use the Moon Key to unlock the door on the easternmost side. Go through the door and then turn right towards another open corridor. Be careful while you turn right because a spider is waiting to ambush you!

The Star Key
Enter through the door over here and then talk to Emil; He will give you the Manor Map and Star Key. Now head towards the southwestern corner and use the Star Key to open the locked door over here.

Go through this newly unlocked door and you will step into another corridor. Just as you enter through this door, go through the door to your immediate left. You will find a butler copy over here. Now go to the other end of the corridor and check out the last room to the left.

Light and Darkness Key
You will find the Light Key in this room, on the desk. After this, Shade will appear. Deal with it and then open the locked door with the Light Key by the end of the corridor.

Once again, in this new corridor, approach the butler and you will find the last key – Darkness Key. Now head back all the way to the corridor of painting and use the Darkness Key to open the locked door by the end of that corridor. Be informed that you will have to deal with Shades throughout on your way back.

You can also obtain the Blade of Treachery that is in a box near the door to the north. There is also a save point to its left, so you should save the game as there is a battle with Grimoire Rubrum ahead.

Finally, enter the room to the left and you will face Grimoire Rubrum as your opponent.

Grimoire Rubrum Boss Fight

At first, simple melee attacks up close will be very effective but later, Grimoire Rubrum will have a barrier around that makes it impervious to attack. So first, consider breaking the barrier using magic.

Once it has broken, use your magic on Grimoire or stay in a close range and deal melee attacks. Grimoire may also summon pages around him. Destroy them using your magic and get back on Grimoire.

Soon he will be defeated, and you will receive the Dark Whirlwind spell for your efforts.