NieR Creator Working With Square Enix On An “Unusual Game”

The great minds behind the NieR games have joined forces once again with publisher Square Enix on a brand new, “mysterious” project.

During a livestream for NieR Replicant earlier today, director Yoko Taro as well as producer Yosuke Saito, both of whom helmed the recent NieR games, were announced to be working on an indie-like digital-only project with Square Enix.

While any reveals are out of the question at the time of writing, Taro did tease the new project to be “a somewhat unusual game” and which is a bit “difficult to explain” right now. “I have created something mysterious that I have no idea how to explain or sell,” he said before adding that the “off-beat game” is something close to his heart and as such, he and Saito both want people to play. Saito even added that the game feels “nostalgic and new” and which will help “sell well.”

Despite the digital-only-focus, Square Enix might possibly consider a special physical release once the game has released digitally. More information on that and the game will be shared when available. Square Enix might even do the honors itself but before the actual announcement, fans should expect Taro and Saito to keep sharing little updates (via GamesTalk) in the months to come.

NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139, as goes the official title, was previously only released in Japan on PlayStation 3. The game is a remake of the original installment in the franchise and connects the storyline of NieR Automata to some degree. NieR Replicant features a new male protagonist who “in order to save his sister Yonah, who fell terminally ill to the Black Scrawl, sets out with Grimoire Weiss, a strange talking tome, to search for the “Sealed verses.”

NieR Replicant releases or re-releases for that matter in Japan as well as in the west on April 23, 2021.

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