NieR Automata Desert Zone Walkthrough

This NieR Automata Walkthrough will lead players through the Desert Zone while making sure they are able to collect as much useful loot as possible to help them with the boss fight at the end.

Desert Zone begins after players leave the Resistance Camp and proceed to the next zone as part of The Machine Surge objective. The quest tasks players with defeating the machines roaming around in the desert.

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NieR Automata Desert Zone

From the entrance of the new zone, players can go right until they reach the edge of the cliff. From the cliff, players can go down and then start moving south to reach a cave which will lead them further into the zone.

Along with this cave path, players will encounter multiple Medium Bipeds but they should be easy to defeat by now. Eventually, players will reach a crossing with three different paths to take. The northern one is blocked so no point going there.

Going to the right will take players to some easily killable Small Stubbies and eventually to another diverging patch, the one going down will lead to a chest with Animal Bait inside it. The path that goes up leads to another chest with items like Rusty Bolt, Small Gear, Broken Battery and more.

Once players have cleared both these chests, they need to go back to that first tri-fork area and this time take the path on the left side. This path leads to a chest with 2000G inside it. Continuing further will finally lead the players out of the cave with a locked and a normal chest waiting for them.

After picking up the gold ore from the unlocked chest, players need to go back inside the cave and this time go upwards for another chest with Memory Alloy. After fully clearing the cave, players can return back to the entrance of the Desert Zone to finally start moving towards the main objective.

From the entrance of the desert, players will notice a large boulder that resembles letter G on the mini-map. Going southwest from this rock formation will take players to a small area with some enemies in it. After clearing the enemies, players can go east and then south to reach a cave with Ranged Attack Up.

After picking up all this loot, players can proceed to the objective marker and talk to the Resistance contact. The contact will open up the path to move deeper into the Desert Zone. This will also mark four red areas on the player’s map. To the northwest of these red areas is an Access Point which can update the map further.

These red areas have all the same enemies players have encountered before except for the addition of Small Exploder, who rush the player and explode dealing a lot of damage. Players can easily shoot and destroy them from a distance since they don’t have a lot of HP.

Once all enemies from the red areas have been defeated, players will need to move to the next destination marker and then chase down another Biped which triggers a cutscene. When the scene ends, players will be in the Desert Zone: Housing Complex section.

In this new area, players will see another red area on their map which has an Access Point inside it to update the map. After clearing enemies in the area, players can go up the fire escape ladder to find a chest with Fang of the Twins weapon. Another fire escape ladder to the south will lead to Titanium Alloy.

After picking up these items, players can resume chasing the Biped again until they are attacked by more enemies, including a new type, Goliath Biped. These new enemies are heavily armored so bullets won’t be useful and players will need to use their melee attacks.

Thankfully, the Goliath Biped is slow so its attacks are easy to dodge. Upon defeating the enemies, players can resume their chase until the small Biped leads them to an area underneath the Housing Complex.

This new area will eventually drop the players down into another arena where they have to fight a seemingly infinite amount of Small Stubbies until a new cutscene triggers and the boss, Adam, arrives.

Adam Boss Fight

Adam boss fight can be quite challenging even though initially it might seem easy. Adam starts off as a level 1 boss but as players continue to attack him, he grows in power and level until eventually, he starts deflecting the player’s bullets while also learning more attack moves.

When he encircles himself with energy and starts deflecting the bullets, players need to move away from or get ready to dodge as eventually, Adam will release that energy and damage everything around him.

This move has another variation where he instead shoots back all the bullets which players shot at him, dealing massive damage. Whenever he goes for this attack, players should position themselves behind him to avoid the attack.

Adam also has a Horizontal and Upper Kick attack with a very little range so players can easily dodge them or stay behind him. The other kick attack, Downward Kick has him jumping in the air and falling down with an energy-infused kick that deals a lot of damage. However, this attack is mostly targeted towards 9S.

Throughout the fight, Adam will occasionally teleport out of reach and then either shoot large energy orbs at the player to create pillars of energy underneath them which deal massive damage. Both these attacks can be easily dodged while players keep shooting at Adam with their Pod.

Upon defeating Adam, players will unlock the “It’s A Healthy Baby Boy!” trophy and will need to escape the area after the cutscene ends. Now players can return to the entrance of the Desert Zone and talk to the supply trader to receive their reward for clearing the area.

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