NieR Automata City Ruins Walkthrough

This NieR Automata Walkthrough will help players navigate the City Ruins in the game while finding loot and completing missions for the resistance. The City Ruins is the third area of NieR Automata and begins right after players leave for Earth from the hangar on the Bunker

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NieR Automata City Ruins

Starting off in the area, players will need to talk to the Resistance Camp Leader. For that, head towards the resistance camp as the objective marker on the mini map is showing, it is located near the river.

When players reach the camp, there will be a conversation with the camp leader and then, players will have unlocked the ability to use Missile Barrage through their Pod

Inside the city, players will need to proceed north until they come up on the entrance to a broken down building. Right next to the entrance will be a locked loot chest but players can’t open this just yet.

Since the building is empty, players can just skip it and jump on its roof and then move forward to the roof of the next building which will start a cutscene.

The cutscene will also unlock the Vestiges of Prosperity trophy. Once the cutscene has concluded, players can make start running across the wall which forms a bridge and makes the descent to the normal ground. While jumping down from the roof is also an option, it is not recommended as it deals major damage to the player.

Moving through the building, players will encounter some small enemies and a couple of loot items until they eventually make it outside to open area. This open section of the game will have a lot of Moose roaming around and players can kill them for Moose Meat.

However, they can be deadly when provoked so players shouldn’t take this fight easily.

An event marker on the player’s map will guide them to a nearby Access Point which is under attack by some Small Stubbies. After defeating them, players can interact with the Access Point to expand their map.

Expanding the map will reveal two more Event Markers and the main objective to the right side of the map. Players can go to these events, kill the enemies and update their map using the Access Points they come across.

Enemies around these areas will be a bit tough as they include Medium Flyers and even Boars. While boars can be ignored, if players do decide to fight them they need to be extremely cautious as one hit from a boar can drain almost half the player’s health.

Throughout the City Ruins, players will come across multiple small patches of water. They can fish in these small pools and will be able to catch Koi Carp Machine.

Once players have updated their map at both event markers, collected items including Memory Alloy from the loot chests, they can start making their way south towards the main quest objective.

This path will take players under a road with large tree roots sticking out from the road above. Players can go up the very first root they see to open a chest with Melee Attack Up inside it.

Sticking to the left side of the road will take players to another open area with Medium Bipeds, armed with hatchets, inside it.

Once these bipeds have been defeated, players can proceed southwest towards the building with roots sticking out of it. Climbing these roots will take them to a chest with Silver Ore inside it.

Back on the ground and moving further southwest, players will come up on a school bus with an Impact Bracer on top of it.

After picking up all this loot, players can finally go back to the right side of the mouth and journey south towards the Resistance Camp and complete the City Ruins section by talking to the camp leader one last time. Then players can just call the bunker to get to the next area

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