NieR Automata Abandoned Factory Walkthrough

This NieR Automata Abandoned Factory Walkthrough will take players through the Abandoned Factory, highlighting the best combat strategies for the boss fights as well as normal enemies. The first main mission of NieR Automata after the prologue is the exact same mission which players got to try during the demo of the game.

This Abandoned Factory mission has two boss fights with the second fight further divided into two phases

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NieR Automata The Abandoned Factory

The Abandoned Factory mission starts with the objective Factory Recon where players are tasked with finding their target, a Goliath-class unit.

On their way to the Goliath, players will encounter the Small Stubby and Medium Biped enemy types. Both are fairly easy to defeat and players can deal with them either using their ranged attacks or melee ones.

The Medium Bipeds throws its arm back for a brief moment before punching the player so this is the perfect sign for players to see when they should dodge the attack.

Once players reach the area where the first boss is located, a small cutscene will begin after which the players will have to fight the Buzzsaw.

Buzzsaw Boss

Buzzsaw is a level 3 boss and very easy to defeat. It moves its buzzsaw horizontally on the ground in a slow motion so players need to simply back away from it to avoid getting hit.

The other two attacks, Vertical Thrust and Horizontal Sweep can simply be dodged as soon as players see them coming to avoid any damage. After finishing an attack, Buzzsaw’s arm just stays on the ground for a small while giving players a great chance to attack it without any trouble.

While using melee attacks, players should make sure that they are locked onto Buzzsaw and are constantly using their ranged attacks as well in order to defeat the boss quickly.

After Buzzsaw has been defeated, players will talk with 9S for a bit and then continue forward on some catwalks. There is a copper ore in a corner on one of these catwalks.

Factory Exterior
Once players clear the catwalks and enter a hallway, they will be surrounded by a lot of Small Stubbies shooting orbs at the player.

Players can simply shoot these orbs to destroy them and then get close to the enemies and hit them with their melee attacks while dodging or destroying another incoming enemy attack.

Continuing further, players will have to climb a walkway up to the top of the metal silos/chimneys. Fully exploring these walkways will reward players with a chest that contains Small Recovery.

On these walkways, players will once again encounter a lot of small enemy robots which the players can kill easily. The walkways will eventually lead the players into a small arena where players will have to fight small stubbies and flyers.

While this arena encounter is not difficult, the sheer amount of incoming attacks can be overwhelming so players should always stay on the move and ready to dodge the incoming orbs. After defeating all the enemies and leaving the arena, players will talk with 9S once again before proceeding to the next area.

As soon as players enter this next section, they need to turn right and open up the loot chest for 1000G while up ahead a Copper Ore will be waiting for them.

After looting both these items, players can proceed up the stairs, defeating small enemies and looting another chest with 1000G in it until the stairs eventually take them down to another room with Small Stubbies a Medium Biped.

After these enemies, players will once again be dropped into another arena with 4 metal containers filled with enemies. These new enemies don’t shoot orbs so players can simply go up to them and use melee attacks.

Once the arena has been cleared, players can simply climb on top of the containers and then to a staircase to proceed further.

On their way forward, players can also pick up a Crystal until players reach the elevator which will take them further down and into another arena with Stubbies and Medium Bipeds. These enemies will, however, be carrying shields to protect them from ranged attacks.

For this reason, players will need to use sword attacks in this area, at least until they have destroyed the shields. For Small Stubbies, a normal attack is enough to make it drop the shield while Medium Bipeds require heavy attack.

After clearing the area, players can continue on the path to loot Small and Medium Recovery from a chest. Further on, Iron and Copper ores can also be picked up.

Once players have picked up everything from the area and followed the path to the end, a new cutscene will begin and players will need to fight two Buzzsaws, which pretty much follow the same pattern as the one before. After defeating the Buzzsaws, the main boss, Goliath will arrive.


Goliath is a level 6 boss but still easy to defeat, especially with ranged attacks although it could take some time.

It starts the fight with shooting hundreds of orbs at the players which can either be avoided or shot down while players also constantly keep shooting at Goliath to chip away at its health.

Besides these orbs, Goliath also brings both of his buzzsaw arms crashing in together towards the player. If players are fast enough to dodge them at the right time, they can easily follow it up with a couple of quick strikes to deal a decent amount of damage.

Alternatively, it can also try to cause shockwaves by smashing its arms on the ground which makes it impossible for players to dodge. For this, they will need to jump up in the air to avoid damage.

Once Goliath’s health falls to about 1/5th, it will start diving underwater and then emerging for surprise attacks. Whenever it dives, players should start running towards the camera to avoid the incoming attack.

After players have seemingly defeated Goliath, they will need to go to 9S and rescue him from Small Stubbies. For this, they will need to climb up the Goliath’s arms.

Once all the small enemies are gone, another cutscene will start and after that, phase 2 of the Goliath fight.

During this phase, Goliath shooters homing rockets from its back in a group of five or six at once but they can easily be dodged. He will also employ the use of a Vertical Slash attack which can be seen coming from a mile off so shouldn’t be hard to dodge.

Goliath’s main attack in this phase will be a charge beam which he shoots from his mouth. Even though the beam covers a huge area, it is easy to dodge since players can see Goliath opening its mouth before it shoots.

Throughout this fight, players will need to continuously move around the screen while shooting at Goliath and in no time, they will once again be upon the boss and beating it up with its own giant mechanical arm.

Defeating Goliath and then reuniting with 9S will end the NieR Automata Abandoned Factory mission with another cutscene.

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