NieR Automata Walkthrough – The Bunker, Learning the New Features

This NieR Automata Walkthrough will guide players through The Bunker section of the game, highlighting the new game features introduced during this portion of the game.

The second mission of NieR Automata, The Bunker, is more of an exploration mission inside a safe area so players don’t really have to fight anything.

However, there are still a lot of things hidden in this section of the game which can be missed.

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NieR Automata Walkthrough

In this NieR Automata Walkthrough, we’ve detailed everything you need to know about exploring The Bunker and learning the ropes.

NieR Automata Walkthrough – The Bunker

The mission takes place after the events of Abandoned Factory and players wake up to earn the Resuscitated Body trophy and the objective to find 9S.

After talking to 9S, players will have the option to turn on network functionality for message-sharing features.

Among the numerous rooms in the corridor, players will have their own room as well and they can choose to save the game progress or quit the game by sleeping on the bed.

An Item Shop next to the bed, on the wall, will allow players to buy things like Recovery, HUD unlocks and other attack boosters.

Once players leave the room, they need to go left and talk to the Operator to enter the Hangar. The Hangar has a Small Recovery which they can pick up.

Afterwards, players can go back to the rooms area and proceed to 8B’s room and pick up a Ranged Defense Up item. Little more to the left of this room will a Maintenance Shop terminal which can be used to upgrade the Pod or buy more weapons for it.

After players are done exploring, they can simply go to the objective area and talk to the Commander.

The Commander will task them with heading back to earth but before players leave, players can search the surrounding area for Ranged Attack Up and a chest with 3000G inside it.

This is all we’ve on our NieR Automata Walkthrough. If there’s anything else you’d like to add, let us know in the comments section below!

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