NieR Automata Pods Locations Guide

In this NieR Automata Pods Locations Guide will help you find all the pods in NieR to unlock new weapon inventory slots and ‘Pod Hunter’ trophy.

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NieR Automata Pods Locations

Pod programs in NieR allow you to unlock additional weapon inventory slots. There are only three of these pod programs in the game but they can be pretty tough to find, especially if you’ve no idea where to look.

This is where our guide to pod locations comes in to aid you in finding these pods and acquiring new weapons and abilities.

Pod #1
This is the Default Pod you start off with. Its main ability is Gatling which is when the pod fires projectiles towards you.

Pod #2
You need to head over to the Desert: Center vendor and proceed towards the Desert: Camp. From there, continue towards the northwest edge of the area and look for this pod program near one of the dunes. Its ability is firing missiles after locking on targets. This one is a tad tricky to spot but you should be able to do so just fine.

Pod #3
You need to head over to the Flooded City: Coast and proceed towards the water’s edge. Once there, start fishing and if you’re lucky; you’d presented with a pod program instead of a fish.

Continue to fish until you find one. This Pod emits a laser beam that can spread into multiple beams after upgrading it.

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