Nier Automata Might Release On Nintendo Switch But It Will Take Years To Happen

In an utterly funny discussion with Nier Automata Director Yoko Taro, Producer Yosuke Saito, and designer Takahisa Taura, we get to find out that a Nintendo Switch version of it is not out of the question and will happen if fans demand it. However, it might take a couple of years before it ships since Platinum Games is taking things slow and steady with their projects.

If you haven’t watched the discussion with Nier Automata’s team offering a message to Xbox One fans, then you should go ahead and do it since it’s not every day that industry giants make such a fan of themselves. During the video, all three members point out why the new Nier Automata Xbox One version is a must-own for console owners and a big thank you for the game’s success.

Near the end of the video though, Yoko Taro asks Yosuke Saito about a Nier Automata Nintendo Switch version and jokingly demands it like a child. The discussion goes on with Saito saying that he also wants that to happen but it’s up to Taura to make that happen. They move on by asking of fans to go spam Taura on his Twitter account to make this happen.

As expected, Saito revealed that even if the Nintendo Switch version of Nier Automata is to happen, it will take a couple of years for its development. He says:

Taura-kun’s Twitter account is shown on the screen here and if everyone asks him for it, then there may be a possibility that it would become a reality. But even if it does, it might be about two years from now again. See we keep our jobs alive by releasing a little by little.

We also know that Yoko Taro is open to a sequel for Nier Automata if Square Enix provides the budget for it. Square Enix, please fund the Nintendo Switch version too!

Are you willing to wait two whole years to play Nier Automata on your Nintendo Switch? What will the state of the console be at that time?

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