Nier Automata Heritage of the Past Relic Locations Guide

The following guide will discuss Nier Automata Heritage of the Past Relic locations. Keep in mind that Heritage of the Past Relic is a quest that only becomes available during your second playthrough.

While most will play Nier Automata for Yoko Toro’s amazing story, the game itself offers plenty of things to do. There is a vast map at your disposal that is filled with activities.

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Nier Automata Heritage of the Past Relic Locations

In order to start this quest, you need to head over to the western edge of the Desert Zone. Locate the researcher in the ruins. Speak with him to activate the quest in question.

Relic #1: Activate the scanner ability of the pod which will tell you when a relic is nearby. Follow the pinging for the first relic that will take you to some stones surrounded by exploding bots. The location is near the Desert Center access point.

Relic #2:  Head to the Desert Housing area and keep following the pinging sound. You should find yourself at some large rocks where the next relic is hidden.

Relic #3: This is a little hard to find as there are no landmarks or rock nearby. Head east from the research and from there you are completly on the reliability of the pinging sound.

Relic #4:The fourth relic may not show up until you have in possession of the last three relics. Go to the research hand over the last three relics and you should be able to find the final relic near some stone ruins in the sand.

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