NieR Automata Eve Boss Battle Guide

This NieR Automata Eve Boss Battle Guide will help you defeat the Eve with our effective boss battle tips and strategies.

One of the coolest things about NieR Automata Eve fight is that it plays like a fighting game duel i.e. in a side-scroller style. The boss has quite a few hard-hitting attacks but you shouldn’t be concerned if you have good dodge timing.

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NieR Automata Eve Boss Battle

After beating the last boss, you faced near the Machine Village entrance, you will go to the giant crater for the final battle against Eve.

Head over to the crater in the middle of the City Ruins and reach to the center where you will locate Eve waiting for you. After a small cut scene as soon Eve charges up he will begin striking you.

Eve is very strong at this stage, but the strategy for fighting him are similar to your previous encounters with Adam.

Begin striking him violently as he moves and dodge his physical and ranged attacks.

Once you are able to dodge, you will be able to counterattack for major damage. His attacks can still damage you even if you are attacking him.

Eve will launch a huge energy arm at you. If he grabs you, he will hit you a few times putting a huge damage before pushing you back.

Try to dodge this attack if you see him launching up for this move for a counter. During this whole fight you should be attacking with your Pod non-stop.

During the battle, Eve will start levitating platforms off the ground and teleport upwards. Try making your way through jumping on the platforms to reach at his position.

It won’t be easy to do because Eve launches an attack every time you try reaching him.

If you get hit, you will be thrown back to the ground. If you are able to reach to his position, you will be able to deal more damage during that time before he reaches to the ground.

When you have done enough damage to Eve, he will regenerate his health back to maximum. After this occurs you have to knock Eve’s health back down. During this period 9S will begin hacking Eve in order to restrain him from gaining his health back.

A small cut scene will appear and the next phase of the fight will begin.

Eve will become stronger and angrier after the cut scene. He starts moving around fast while launching projectiles at you without any gap.

Dodge and attack with your Pod to inflict more damage to Eve as he is floating around. If you get hit by his projectiles, it will deal a lot of damage making things difficult for you.

After knocking down Eve’s enough health, big explosion will occur after which you will not be able to do melee attacks and your fast movement.

At this stage, you can only damage him with the help of your Pod and dodge his projectile attacks as you walk around damaged.

The pattern of Eve’s projectiles changes frequently, due to which you need to keep on walking around predicting his projectile pattern

As soon as you see the boss transform into a worm-like creature, continue strafing left or right in order to avoid any damage. Eve has three types of kicks which are explained below:

  • Upper Kick – An extremely high kick which has little range
  • Double Kick – Has little to no range and can be dodged without difficulty
  • Downward Kick – Jumps in the air and comes crushing down with an energy-charged kick

He also has a barrier against both of your ranged and melee attacks. Once the barrier is lifted, he tries to counter you for a short duration of time. You need to dodge as soon as you see the barrier released.

He can also create pillars directly under your position. The attack is well-telegraphed by a white light and deals a massive amount of damage. Immediately dodge away as soon as you see the white light near your position.

Lastly, if you move too far away from him, he’ll start shooting at you which is something you can counter by getting close to him.

This final stage of the battle is difficult compared to previous ones because if you are hit by any projectile, you will conceive huge damage.

Keep health items stored up and use them during this stage of the fight. Once you bring all of Eve’s health to zero with the help of your Pod a cut scene will trigger to feature the end of the battle.

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