NieR Automata Buzzsaw Boss Battle Guide

Buzzsaw is the game’s first and easiest boss. The recommended level to take down NieR Automata Buzzsaw boss is Character Level 3 but as I’ve mentioned earlier; Buzzsaw is an incredibly easy boss to take down so it doesn’t matter if you’re a little under-leveled.

In our Buzzsaw Battle Guide, we’ve detailed everything you need to know about exploiting Buzzsaw’s weaknesses and completing the boss battle.

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NieR Automata Buzzsaw Boss Battle

If you see Buzzsaw lying horizontally and advancing, simply back off to avoid receiving any damage. It also has a vertical thrust attack during which it directly lunges at your position – no matter where.

Keep moving while you see the Buzzsaw advancing with this horizontal attack. After a while, it will stop and stay in place for a bit. This is when you close the distance and attack the blades with your weapons to deal damage.

Keep in mind that you can use your pod to shoot the blades even while they are spinning so it’s a good strategy to deal some damage without waiting for the blades to stop spinning.

Similar to the horizontal attack, Buzzsaw also has a vertical blade slam that you absolutely need to dodge and shoot while keeping your distance.

Due to this, you need to be fast with your dodges or be prepared to get hurt. The final attack is a horizontal sweep attack which can also be dodged without any difficulty.

Following each of these attacks, charge in to deal a massive amount of damage before backing away. Simply stick to this strategy and you should be able to get rid of Buzzsaw in about no time.

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