NieR Automata Beauvoir Boss Battle Guide

NieR: Automata Beauvoir Boss is a Level 15 boss but is fairly easy to defeat if you know what you need to do. One of the first thing that you need to know about fighting NieR’s Beauvoir is that her skirt has some armor.

Our NieR Automata Beauvoir Boss Battle Guide will help you defeat the Beauvoir with our effective battle tips and strategies

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NieR Automata Beauvoir Boss Battle

It’s not to say that she won’t receive any damage when the armored section is attacked but it’s significantly lesser as compared to damage dealt to her main body. This is something you need to bear in mind while facing this boss.

She will sometimes raise her skirt a little, surround herself with blades, and move about the arena.

She can also attack you with energy orbs after raising her skirt which is why it’s a good idea to maintain a safe distance whenever you see her doing this.

In addition to this, she also has homing missiles and homing bullets which can easily be dodged. If you’re unsure, you can also spam the dodge button and hope to get away but it’s not too terribly difficult to be honest.

Lastly, she has a couple of laser attacks. These are well-telegraphed attacks and can be dodge well ahead of time.

I highly recommend maintaining a safe distance from her and you should be good to do. These are all the attacks at her disposal during the first phase. The second phase is pretty straightforward with a couple of new attacks such as shockwave and another laser attack.

You have to dodge her until she stops and you can start attacking her again. Soon, she will summon some corpses that will shoot ringed energy at you.

You have to destroy all the corpses on crosses she will be back in the arena. While maintaining your distance, unleash a barrage on her and keep attacking her until she is defeated

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