Nidhogg 2 Weapons Guide

This Nidhogg 2 Weapons Guide will list all the available fighting options in the game along with the special properties and tactics for each weapon available so players can make an informed decision on which weapons to use and master.

In our Nidhogg 2 Weapons Guide, we have detailed some attack options and combat tips that should help you in the game.

Nidhogg 2 Weapons

While players have a lot of weapons to choose from, knowing a number of combat techniques is also useful and a strong weapon isn’t the only thing that ensures a victory.

If players encounter a blocking enemy, they can use a sweep attack by rolling towards them and then using an attack, knocking the enemy down and allowing players for an easy kill, irrespective of the weapon they have.

Similarly, no matter what weapon the players have, they should always try to maintain a safe distance from the enemy until they see an opening for a good attack.

No Weapons

In Nidhogg 2, players can use powerful kicks to attack their opponents and this fighting style is actually quite useful as it allows players to disarm opponents.

If players can get close to an enemy, they can also throw them allowing for an instakill attack.

However, players still need to be careful as when unarmed, players will always have less attack range compared to an armed enemy, however, they do have improved speed which can turn the tide in player’s favor.


The Rapier returns in Nidhogg 2 and works pretty much the same way as the first game with three stances: high, mid and low. If players are against an enemy using the same stance, the rapier will always clash with it except when against a broadsword.

Colliding with weapons allows players to disarm opponents so it is a good way to get kills. Rapier also happens to have the best attack range in the game and is an all rounder for all sorts of situation, except when against enemies using ranged weapons like bow and arrow.


Broadsword has two stances, high and low, which means players are vulnerable to attacks from mid stance. While the weapon is slow and clunky, moving only in wide arcs, it does disarm the opponent instantly if it clashes with their weapon.

Broadsword should only be used when players are trying to be defensive and want the enemy to come to them so they can disarm them easily.

Generally, it is not a good weapon to have due to its numerous disadvantages compared to the very few benefits it provides.

Bow and Arrow

One of the best ways of fighting in the game, bow, and arrow allows players to attack from a considerable range. However, it’s not an overpowered weapon and is somewhat slow as it requires players to first string an arrow with the attack button and then release it to actually send the arrow flying.

Because of this, bow and arrow is actually quite bad at short range. Players can also throw their bow and arrow towards the enemy to knock them down and it is a good strategy if an enemy keeps closing the gap and players miss their range shot. If players have an idea of where the enemy is going to spawn, they can always fire a preemptive arrow to hit the enemy.


Dagger is undoubtedly the fastest attack weapon in the game and is a good choice despite its super low attack range.

If players are interested in a fast offensive play style, the dagger is a good weapon to have as it affects their movement speed the least and has incredible lunging capabilities.

It can also be thrown towards enemies at high speed making it a good ranged option. Thanks to the Dagger’s speed, it is pretty difficult to block and is a good way to kill an enemy if players know where they are going to spawn from.

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