Ni no Kuni Super Hero Guide: Hero License Locations

You can get the Super Hero Trophy Ni no Kuni by collecting all the hero licenses in the game. Early in the adventure, you will be allowed to take quests from the Swallow Company. They have 131 quests to offer, and all of these side quests are of two types. This detailed guide will cover all of the info about these quests and the hero license locations as well.

Ni No Kuni Super Hero Trophy Quests

Either you need to deliver something or kill someone/something. If you keep on doing these quests you will get the “Humanitarian of The Year” trophy when 2/3rds into the game. Furthermore, you can get the Bounty Hunter trophy if you keep doing these quests past the main game ending.

Upon competition of these quests, you get up to 10 stamps. The number of stamps received depends on the progress through the story and the difficulty of the quests. 10 stamps fill a whole stamp card which you can trade in order to get a Hero License. To get this trophy, you will need to complete all these Swallow company side quests and then trade in all their stamps to get all the Hero Licenses in the game. The Hero License Locations have also been discussed below.

These side quests are all very simple. Usually, you can find where you want to go by searching for the bright blue dots on your map. Moreover, remember when searching for heart pieces they may not be in the same town as you. So travel through every town and look for green dots. The green dots indicate people with heart pieces.

Keep in mind that you cannot get some cards until you have gained all the cards in the previous card tier. Keep in mind that all available quests are noted at the quest office town. Furthermore, that quest open up in groups as you progress through each section of the story.

There is only one quest that is a bit tricky. In quest 78, you are required to create an axe for a character. The ingredients for this axe recipe are very rare. The ingredients are Rainbow Fossil x 5 and Scroll of Truth x 5.

Ni no Kuni Hero Licenses Locations

Now lets talk about the Ni no Kuni Hero License Locations. Remember, if your level is too high do not forget to cast fog and surprise attack your enemies. This will not allow them to run away from you.

You can locate the Rainbow Fossil in the Ice Cave. There are two golden Imajinn in the cave called Akidoran and Nerudoran. You have little chance of stealing a Rainbow Fossil from Nerudoran. Moreover, there is very little chance that Akidoran drops a Rainbow fossil.

Chances are very slim, but they are there. The best way to farm them is by saving the game at the final save point and then walking through the secret path to the left side where the rare purple chest is. In this area, the two dragons spawn at a fairly high rate.

You can kill them and then go back to the small bridge and then return again; all three enemies will respawn. Repeat this process as many times as required to get five rainbow fossils.

Scroll of Truth can either be found at the Lake of Dead or the Ghost Valley.

In the Lake of Dead what you are looking for is the golden Gobuhins. Plus, they spawn at the very end of the level. So go to the final save point, save your game and wander around. Eventually, you will see them. Use Fog and Float to engage them. Gobuhins drop Scrolls rarely and you cannot steal from them, so you need to kill them.

In the Ghost Valle, there is a dark section at the back. You will need a lantern spell to locate a golden bird Imajinn there called Jams. It’s the one with a keyboard on its head. You can steal the Scrolls from it.

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