Ni no Kuni XP Farming Guide – Easy XP Tips

Having a tough time in Ni no Kuni? Being out-leveled by your enemies in battle? Well, if these are your problems, then look no further we have a solution for all of them. In this guide, we will be telling you about great spots where you can easily grind XP and catch up on the levels.

Keep in mind that for these tips to work, you need to have a boat for your party to freely travel on. Your party gets the boat after somewhat about 20 hours in the game. Just north east to the summer lands there is a series of islands.

The large one the “Swan Island” and the little one the “Ugly Duckling islands” these are the places you want to be. Here the “Toko” enemy spawns these guys are very easy to beat but the grant a whopping 2000XP when you kill them. They very rarely spawn and have a habit of running away so kill them quickly whenever you get the chance.

Furthermore, there are different cousins of this Toko you can hunt all over the world map. What is more impressive that they grant even more XP than Toko. You can find “Tokotoko” in Billy Goat Bluffs and killing it will give you 8000XP. Moreover, when you kill the “Tokocold” in the final dungeon of Ivory Tower you get an astounding sum of 10000XP.

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