Ni no Kuni Mad Scientist Guide – Alchemy Recipes and Materials Locations

The Mad Scientist Trophy in Level 5’s delightful new game is one of the hardest to get. What exactly is required of you is that you need to alchemize 120 different items. In this guide, we will show you where you can obtain the ingredients of the items and what you can alchemize.

There are a total of 130 recipes in the game. When you go to your pot to make items from recipes, you can see the ones you have made have a picture of the item instead of a question mark icon. However, the recipe won’t appear until you’ve found pages for it, and you may not find all the pages. You mainly get recipes by talking to people and doing quests so make sure to talk to any person you meet!

Use the table on this site to find collectible and harvestable materials, you may have to use Google translate.

You use your pot and recipe book to craft items, and you do this once you’ve advanced enough in the story to get to the town of Bikini. You can craft items whose recipes you don’t have, but we’re not sure whether this unlocks the trophy. You’ll know if you’ve ever created the item from a particular trophy if its picture in the book is lit up.

Use this list if you want to craft without recipes (again, Google Translate). While you’re out gathering resources I recommend that you hoard all the Jade Beads and Strength Stones you can find.

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