Ni no Kuni Imajinn-nation Guide – How To Find 250 Types of Imajinn

This trophy is awarded to you when you find 250 types of Imajinn in Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch. You will be able to recruit Imajinn that you defeat in battle only after Maru joins your party.

You will need to switch to Maru and then choose her “Friend Song” to recruit the Imajinn. When the battle is over you will have your chance to confirm capturing them and rename them if you wish to do so.

However, seriously capturing 250 Imajinn is no easy feat. In order to make it easier somehow we have compiled this guide. In this guide, we will specifically give you tips in order to help you catch all 250 types of Imajinn as soon as humanly possible.

So, let’s begin.

Capture Imajinn in their first form. In this way, you can have one Imajinn that which can count up for three. For example, if you evolve a Rucchi into Yarucchi, you will still possess a heart mark for Rucchi.

You cannot capture an Imajinn in your first attempt. It takes numerous attempts to recruit them. You have to be patient. Eiyuu Friend License card helps you in this regard but only somewhat.

Do not spam your attack buttons or AoEs while fighting with an Imajinn.

When you defeat an Imajinn, it falls down with hearts. However, if you keep on spamming your attacks, it may end up in killing the Imajinn and not even giving yourself the chance to capture it. Remember that sometimes your teammates can ruin your chance too.

Always explore new areas even if you stumble across more powerful Imajinn than you. This will help you get more entries in your Imajinn database. Later, you can consult your database to see where what type of Imajinn spawn. Furthermore, when seeing new Imajinn in new areas check what do they drop in your database and find out who drops evolution items.

If your Imajinn evolves into something, you have never seen before, check your database to see where these kinds of Imajinn spawn. If that area is marked as ‘???’ it means that you have not visited this area yet where that particular Imajinn spawns. It could also mean that this particular Imajinn does not spawn in the wild at all. Moreover, try to recruit two Imajinn of the second form.

There are two reasons for this. Firstly, not all third form Imajinn can be recruited. They have very low chance of being captured. Secondly, not all Imajinn are found in the wild, some Imajinn you need to evolve by yourself.

Remember there are some extra free Imajinn you get, they also count towards the 250 count. You will receive them in the form of tickets which you redeem at the elemental shrine. However, you need the Pandora league to open for doing this. The first can be acquired when you reach the S rank in the Pandora league. Two of the m can be purchased from Niko/Puchi on the starship.

Two are also available the casino. Three Imajinn are available as free DLC. Except the DLC Imajinn, all the rest of them evolve. This is why you can count each of them as three types of Imajinn.

On top of this, once you have beaten the game; a rare form of golden Imajinn appears in every dungeon of the game. They drop super rare items, and evolve as well. Most importantly they can be recruited.

Lastly, remember to use Sekai no Nushi for experience grinding to level your Imajinn for evolution.

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