How To Find/Use Al-Khemi’s Fuse Pot In Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds

As you venture into the World of Ni No Kuni, you’ll find yourself getting notified about players receiving rewards through...

As you venture into the World of Ni No Kuni, you’ll find yourself getting notified about players receiving rewards through an Al-Khemi Fuse Pot.

The Al-Khemi Fuse Pot is a lucky Pot that can net you several unique rewards.

If you’re wondering what this item is and how to use it then you came to the right place. In this guide, we’ll be showing you how to use a Fuse Pot in Ni No Kuni.

Where To Find Al-Khemi’s Fuse Pot

You can’t directly get access to the Fuse Pot as this Pot is associated with Al-Khemi, the genie of the cauldron event hosting a few objectives that must be completed in order to get your hands on the Fuse Pot.

Head over to the southern part of Evermore to find this Lucky Pot. However, you must be at least on level 30 to even get access to its location. Therefore, you must first level up fast through the completion of different tasks and reach the required level to collect the Fuse Pot.

How To Use The Fuse Pot

Using the Fuse Pot is a simple task. Start off with placing 5 items of your choice into the Pot and wait till the Pot starts boiling for a few seconds. Eventually, you’ll receive a Lucky Pot Ticket along with multiple rewards.

Although the number of Lucky Tickets you receive isn’t fixed, you can get up to two if you place rare items inside the Pot. As an alternate, you can use Fuse Badges such as Wooden and Metal Badges instead.

The Fuse Badges are a type of currency in Ni No Kuni used to receive rewards through Fuse Pots. These badges are quite rare in nature and will surely help you achieve better rewards due to their incredible rarity. You can get his currency from Travelling Merchants and Goldenbeard’s Pirate Ship.

How to Summon Al-Khemi

There’s a temperature bar on the right side of the screen that rises as the Pot boils. Once it reaches the top, Al-Khemi himself will be summoned for 30 minutes to grant you 5 different rewards.

Do note that the entire system gets notified about Genie’s presence, and since he has limited resources to give, you must visit him as soon as possible.

Also, make sure to stick till the end as the Genie leaves behind a chest full of rewards for you to collect which may even contain gold badges.

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