How to defeat the Field bosses in Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds

Field bosses are large monsters that you must hunt down for exclusive rewards in Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds.

Unlike the other enemies in the game, defeating Field bosses requires a good understanding of your characters and their combat capabilities. This bossing mode is hence a way for you to test your mettle against the most difficult enemies and prove that you have mastered the combat mechanics of the game.

The following guide will get you ready for the hunt by highlighting the main strategies needed to defeat each Field boss in Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds.

Field boss’ level requirements and spawning times

You need to be level 18 to unlock the Field bosses in the game. Head into the Challenge section through the main menu after hitting the level requirement to get details on each Field boss, including the rewards and their strengths and weaknesses.

Take note that there is a spawn timer attached to each Field boss. You cannot just start hunting them at random. Field bosses spawn once after every six hours. They are hence only available four times a day based on your server timezone.

Defeating any Field boss requires you to coordinate with multiple teams. You cannot solo them and must take them on in large groups.

Having a Field boss season pass will improve the loot you get from every Field boss. The season pass has both free and paid tiers. You can also improve your rewards by speaking with Jackson in Evermore to get a Bounty mission.

When you are ready, use the Challenge section to fast-travel to a Field boss.

Field boss’ elemental weaknesses

There are a total of six Field bosses in Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds.


The first Field boss that you will be taking down is Cockatrako, the weakest of all of them. Expect this fight to be short.

Cockatrako is weak to fire damage. Hence, you must be equipped with the best fire weapons possible.

Make sure to get in a few hits, so that your contribution is noted when it is time to distribute the rewards between the groups. That being said, do not expect any good, rare loot from Cockatrako. The best you can hope for is a 3-star Mighty Necklace.


After Cockatrako, the players will have to wait a long time until they complete the requirement for Silverbeard which is Level 65. It is also recommended that you have a minimum of 526,000 CP to avoid a certain defeat against Silverbeard.

Take the boss down in the Serene Forest while making sure you are equipped with fire weapons to get maximum advantage of its weakness.

The unique drop that you’ll get from this boss is the Sealed Silverbeard Necklace. This drop is pretty much guaranteed. You also have a 9% chance to get Silent Avenger and a 1% chance to get Invincible Beast.


The next on the list is Vulcan which will be unlocked after getting to level 79. The recommended CP for this Field Boss Fight is 753,000.

Vulcan finds weakness against water element weapons and has a unique drop of Sealed Vulcan Earrings that will unlock Vulcan Earrings 90% of the time, Executioner’s Sign 9% of the time, and Demon’s Cube 1% of the time.


The minimum Level requirement for Giganti is 98 and the minimum CP recommendation for this fight is 1,037,400. The Field Boss is weak to Water element attacks and so make sure you are equipped with the best of your water element weapons.

It has a unique reward drop of Sealed Giganti Ring that gets converted to Giganti Ring 90% of the time, Absolute Zero 9% of the time, and Abyss Crystal for 1% of the time.


A giant wolf residing in the Witch’s Wood is next in the line. It has a level requirement of 112 and the minimum requirement of CP for this fight is 1,119,600.

The Field Boss Stellia is weak to light element weapons and thus make sure to grab them.

The unique drop of this Field Boss is Sealed Stellia Ring. It gets converted to the Stellia Ring 90% of the time, Creeping Dark 9% of the time, and Night Eater 1% of the time.


Located in the Rainbow Valley, Mecharagon is the final challenge that you’ll encounter in the shape of a Field Boss. The level requirement for this Field Boss is 121 and the minimum recommendation of CP here is 1,166,000.

The boss is weak to Darkness Element weapons and has a unique drop of Sealed Mecharagon Earrings that are converted to Mecharagon Earring 90% of the time, Radiant Chaster 9% of the time, and Heaven’s Judgement 1% of the time.

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