Ni No Kuni 2 Kingdom Building Guide

Ni No Kuni 2 offers you a whole new Kingdom of Evermore to yourself to build and thrive. Here we have curated this Ni No Kuni 2 Kingdom Building Guide in which we have detailed everything that you need to know about building Evermore and how to manage it once it has been well established.

During the third chapter of the story, Evan gets to be the leader of the Evermore Kingdom and it is up to him to restore the Kingdom to its formal glory. There are different things to manage as the ruler of Evermore to make sure that Evermore grows bigger and better.

You have the ability to manage different things to make sure Kingdom better and make sure that it sustains itself for a longer period.

Ni No Kuni 2 Kingdom Building

Kingdom Building is a vital mechanic of Ni No Kuni 2 that you must be good at. Building and maintaining a good Kingdom will ensure that your armies stay stronger, your influence grows in the world and you have plenty of supplies at hand.

Some of the buildings in your Kingdom are necessary for your survival in later parts of the game as they research better equipment and items for you.

Below you will find some tips and strategies about how to start building your kingdom, which aspects you should focus on first and how you can manage the Kingdom using the throne room menu. We will also tell you how you can generate income from your Kingdom. With the help of this guide, you will have the best Kingdom up and running in no time.

Starting the Kingdom

When you get hold of your Kingdom, you will notice that the Kingdom will be empty at the start and there will be no buildings or any citizens in it.

You will be at the Kingdom Management screen, which will shows you different actions that you can do to grow your kingdom as well as the current situation of your kingdom such as your gold, influence, strength, etc. From this screen, you will manage all the tasks that your Kingdom requires.

Keep this in mind that in order to complete the story, you will have to reach a certain level of growth for your Kingdom so you cannot simply ignore this. If you go beyond the story related expansion and growth, you will get many other benefits that will help you on your journey and make the game a lot easier.

The two most important elements to consider while checking the status of your kingdom are its citizens and the currency, Kingsguilder. Citizens run your facilities.

You can get more citizens by checking your Leafbook or by simply purchasing leads at Swift Solutions. There are also other methods by which you can recruit more citizens for your kingdom but these two are the simplest ones.

The first citizen you might want to recruit from out in in the wild is Auntie Martha. Go find her and complete a quest for her to make her join your Kingdom, the quest is to recover a stolen cauldron. As you progress through the game and complete each kingdom’s story mission, more citizens will become available through the Taskmaster.

Once this batch runs out, you will also need to focus on completing his quests. There are separate columns for the taskmaster’s quests and that makes it easier to identify and pursue them. Checking for normal side quests in towns may also reward in some citizens for your Kingdom.

Your currency, Kingsguilder, is equally as important as citizens for your kingdom to grow, as you will require money to expand and upgrade your facilities.

You will need your currency for everything ranging from building and upgrading facilities, researching new items or buying upgrades before the skirmish battles.

Ni No Kuni 2 offers many structures to expand your kingdom with but the most important ones are the Weapons Workshops and the Outfitters.

You must build them first and then think about building any other structures. Building these two structures will allow you to research and craft more weapons and armor which is much better than what you find in the local markets.

Once the building construction is complete, you must manually assign citizens to these buildings so that they can start running them.

Clicking on the building will show you all information about it including the number of citizens working there. You can select the ‘personnel’ tab to assign new citizens to a building.

Once the building is up and running, you will start generating income from it as well. All the income you receive from the citizens can be collected in the Kingdom Management screen.

At the start, this income will be very small but as you continue to build more structures and facilities, your income will also increase to a decent amount.

The buildings that you can construct in Ni No Kuni are varied and each provides a certain bonus to you. You can check the complete list below along with details about what they will provide you with.

Each building will expand your kingdom and as you assign more citizens to these buildings, they will provide you with increased income sources as well as other research and item bonuses.

Don’t forget to roam around your Kingdom as this will give you the opportunity to go easy shopping for stuff you may need in battles and your citizens might have quests for you that reward you with Kingsguilder and Exp.

Upgrading and Research

The first path to progress for your kingdom is you working towards upgrading your castle, upgrading your castle benefits the entire kingdom by expanding your property, allowing you to build even more advanced facilities.

To do this you need to cross certain restriction such as KG (game currency), influence and citizens threshold, when you have all of the required than you can upgrade the castle.

You can not only build different facilities but also upgrade them to unlock more items and research items apart from increasing their productivity. Upgrading the buildings are very easy and do not require much of a work to do.

You can simply go to the building you want to upgrade in the overview mode and select the level up button. If you have enough coin for it and your Kingdom has enough influence, the building will be upgraded instantly.

Each building has a specific level cap, which cannot be surpassed when it comes to upgrading. However, there is a way to level them up further. If you upgrade your castle, it will upgrade your whole kingdom allowing you to further structures and unlock new items to research and craft.

If you choose this way, you can easily upgrade all the buildings in your kingdom easily instead of choosing them separately and upgrading them.

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