Ni No Kuni 2 Dreamer’s Maze Guide

The Ni No Kuni 2 Dreamer’s Maze Guide below has covered the locations for all the Dreamer’s Mazes found in Ni No Kuni 2: The Revenant Kingdom. The locations for these special collectibles are detailed below!

Ni No Kuni 2 Dreamer’s Maze

Dreamer’s Maze in the game are special places in mysterious realms. They hold ‘Dream’ fragments, which if you collect all of them, you will unlock the ‘Dream Big’ trophy.

Moreover, you’ll find tonnes of rare weapons and gear since you’d have to travel through various areas to reach these Mazes.

Just like how mazes work in other games, particularly like World of Warcraft, these areas are randomly generated Dungeons with a swarm of enemies which the player needs to battle out. Reaching the end of the maze successfully will mean that you have completed it.

There are a total of 10 Dreamer’s Mazes in the game, with the last one being one for the more experienced players.

You will need Level 85-95 to even stand a chance against one of the tougher enemies and bosses in this last Dungeon. After having completed 100% of the game, you will have reached around Level 70.

Progressing from this to Level 85 and beyond can be easily done by repeatedly defeating the final boss. A good strategy involves locking onto the boss with R3 and then pressing the fast attack button square) and you’ll bring down the boss in no time.

The previous 9 Dungeons are straightforward. During chapter 4, a side-quest is auto-triggered which involves a young lady by the name ‘Mileniyah’ gifting you the keys for these 9 Dreamer’s Mazes. The locations for the Dreamer’s Mazes are listed along with the Levels in that Dungeon.

Grotty Grotto – 3 Floors
East of Auntie Martha’s Cottage in the Rolling Hills region.

Sundown Woods – 4 Floors
East of the Forest of Nial in the Wiggly Way region.

Eert Grove – 6 Floors
A wooded area northeast of Goldpaw in the Calm Lands region.

Tidewash Cave – 8 Floors
Directly south of Goldpaw in the Cosy Cove region. It requires a Zeppelin or boat to reach it.

Shrine of Pining – 7 Floors
Shrine on Makronos Island, east of Hydropolis.

Blowtorch Cave – 15 Floors
A cavern on the tip of the Dry Lands region, directly across the water from the Junkyard Mire Broadleaf.

Sublime Shrine – 10 Floors
A shrine northeast of Broadleaf.

Crooked Cavern – 13 Floors
East of the Sky Pirates’ base, right where it reads ‘Farflung Cape’.

Shivery Shrine – 18 Floors
Northern side of the frozen.

Faraway Forest – 30 Floors

Completing these 9 Dungeons and going back to turn in Quest 2 in Goldpaw library will help you get acquainted with the key for the last Dreamer’s maze. The location of this maze is the forest on Faraway Island, an island directly east of Junkyard Mire Broadleaf).

To fight the ultimate boss in Dungeon #10, make sure your player Level is more than 85 since the boss will kill you in one hit otherwise. Before going into the fight make sure Leander’s Weapon Gauges are all at 100%.

Refill the mana of all 3 characters to the maximum. Use weapons with A-rating for charge speed and those which have more fire resistance. Items like the Quickfire Ring and Wizard’s little Helper Pendent will increase charge speed of attacks and consume less mana on spells.

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