Ni no Kuni 2 Crafting Tips, Best Crafted Weapons and Armor

In our Ni No Kuni 2 Crafting Tips Guide, we have talk about the crafting system in the game and about the Best Crafted Weapons and Armor.

Ni No Kuni 2, the second installment in the franchise, comes loaded with JRPG mechanics and tons of content for you to explore. It also comes with a decent Crafting System, which you must be acquainted with as quickly as possible if you want to make your custom weapons and armor. This Crafting Tips guide will cover all basics of the Crafting System in Ni No Kuni 2 and brief you on the Best Crafted Weapons and Armor.

Ni No Kuni 2 Crafting

Apart from crafting, we have also explained how you can upgrade your weapons and armor in the game.

The mechanic is not available to you right from the start of the game, so you must play the game and fulfill some of the requirements required before you can start crafting and upgrading your weapons. Below you will find everything to know about crafting in Ni No Kuni 2.

Before you can start crafting your weapons and gear in Ni No Kuni 2, you must play the story until you complete the third chapter of the game. Once the chapter is complete, you must go to the newly discovered Kingdom of Evermore and develop it.

This is linked to story progression, and there is no other way of getting to this part of the game before completing the third chapter.

Once the third chapter is complete and you have access to Evermore, you must start rebuilding the kingdom back to its formal glory. For this, you must spend a decent amount of Kingsguilder currency.

The buildings are necessary for crafting new weapons and items. The two buildings that you must construct are Evermore Outfitters and Evermore Weapon Workshop. These two are located right in front of the castle so you can find them easily.

Each building will set you back nearly 240 Kingsguilders, but they are worth the hassle. Once both buildings are up and running, you can craft your weapons and outfits. The Evermore Weapon Workshop will allow you to craft weapons, while the Evermore Outfitters will allow you to craft armor. You cannot only craft items for yourself but also your party members. Before crafting, you must research new weapons and armor.

You can start researching a weapon or armor by clicking the personal tab on each building and assigning at least three workpeople to these buildings. Later you can choose research and select a research item to unlock new items in both the shops.

Wait for the timer to complete and then head out to the Evermore town square. Find the shops and start crafting gear for yourself and your team members. Make sure that you have the required materials for crafting the items.

Once at the specified building, you can select the required weapon or armor and click the make armor or make weapon tab to start crafting that item.

If you want to compare the new items with the ones already equipped in your inventory, you can press the options key and compare both weapons and other items side by side. This helps in choosing the best armor for all the party members.

Whether armor or weapon, each item has a specific rank, which shows how rare the item is. The maximum number of stars is five, while the minimum is one. If an item has five stars, it means that the item is extremely rare and will be very hard to find or, in this case, require more rare materials to craft.

The most common and cheaper items will have a one-star rating out of five. They will be cheaper to make but will not be good during battles.

Upgrading Weapons and Gear

Just like crafting, you also can upgrade all your current gear at these shops. If you want to upgrade weapons, head to Evermore Weapon Workshop, and if you want to upgrade your gear, head to Evermore Outfitters.

Each weapon that you own can be upgraded in two ways. You can choose to upgrade the damage output from normal weapons, or you can choose to upgrade the damage output from the special skill attacks that they allow you to perform.

You cannot opt to upgrade both while dealing with weapons. Similarly, you can choose to upgrade the armor you are currently wearing. To upgrade the weapons and armor, you will also need the required materials.

In addition, each weapon and armor item has an upgrade limit that you must follow. It cannot be upgraded beyond the limit set for it. Due to this limitation, you must think carefully about what you need to upgrade before choosing the upgrade.

To unlock better and new items and materials for both these workshops, you must upgrade the workshops once you have completed the current crafting and research items.

This is an expensive process and requires you to have a certain number of citizens. Ensure you have enough coins and citizens before you start upgrading the workshops, as they will set you back quite a lot of coins.

Ni no Kuni 2 Legendary Equipment Plans

To get the Legendary Equipment Plans in Ni no Kuni 2, you need to complete several side quests and talk to a couple of NPC characters to complete the main story. Below you can find all the details on how to get the Legendary Equipment Plans.

Continue playing and stop on Chapter 3: The Town That Tempted Fate in the main storyline. To summon Nu Bi and Fai Do in Evermore, you need to complete two Side Quests named: A Favor for Nu Bi and Gai Do, the Downbeat Armorer.

The two characters that you summoned in Evermore. Speak to Fai Do and then do the side quest Wanted: Exemplary Armor. After that, speak with Nu Bi and then do the side quest Wanted: A Well Good Weapon.

Now continue playing and stop on Chapter 7: A Traitor in our Midst. Speak to Fai Do and then do the side quest New Model Armor. After that, speak with Nu Bi and then do the side quest Wanted: Seeking Superior Weapons.

Speak to Brodie at the archives inside Broadleaf. To summon Brodie to Evermore, complete Side Quest: Brodie’s Last Big Job. Now continue playing and stop on Chapter 9: To Be a King.

Speak to Bai Gon and then do the side quest A Gruff, Gruff Grandad. After that, speak with Brodie and do the side quest Nu Bi’s Confidence Crisis.

Beat the game’s final boss to conclude the game’s overall plot. Then speak to Fai Do and do the Divine Silence side quest. After doing this side quest, you will get the Legendary Equipment Plans.

Ni no Kuni 2 Best Crafted Weapons and Armor

To craft the best Weapons and Armor, you need to complete the story and get to level 4 kingdom. Your Armor and Weapons building should have been on the maximum level.

You may start creating fresh new weapons and armor after you’ve expended around 240 Kingsguilders on each Weapon Workshop. If you press the “personnel” tab button, you can research new weapons and unlock new things.

Building a new weapon is very easy; go to the Weapon Workshop and go to the Outfitter for the armor. Now choose “make armor” or “make weapon,” From that, you can make hundreds of new items.

Alongside, you also need to Research Level 9 & 10 Melee Weapon Development. To get the research for the weapons done, you need to go to the Faraway Forest Cave.

To get to the Faraway Forest Cave, you need to finish all 10 dreamers’ Maize. And to do the last Maize, you need to be at least level 90.

The main task of the Maize is to collect the materials on your list and get to the highest danger level, which is 5. You will get the most amount of loot from rooms 21 to 30.

The materials can be lying on the ground, and they can be dropped after the fight. After collecting these materials, the Research Level 9 & 10 Melee Weapon Development will be marked as complete.

Lastly, to get to level four kingdom, you need to find and do all the side quests of citizens. The names of some of the citizens are Klaus, Roden, Grimm, Muriel, Persha, Kitty, and Henny.

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