Ni No Kuni 2 Combat Guide – Combat Skills, Switching Characters, Escaping, How To Dodge/Block

The beautiful second installment in the Ni No Kuni franchise is now out and it is as challenging as ever. JRPGs are known for their unique combat systems and Ni No Kuni 2 is no different. It is very simple if you understand Ni No Kuni 2 Combat System completely but can become tedious if you are not aware of certain mechanics.

The combat system of Ni No Kuni 2 is heavily dependent on your build, which includes what type of weapons you are using in the battle, which type of enemies you are up against, and how much your character is leveled up. In addition, the controller layout for the game is pretty basic but you must know how to execute some advanced commands during combat.

Ni No Kuni 2 Combat

Here we have curated a Ni No Kuni 2 Combat Guide in which we have detailed everything that you need to know about the combat system of Ni No Kuni 2. We have gone over some important mechanics such as the different camera views of the game, how enemies react to your presence, switching between the party characters, default button configurations, and understanding combat skills.

One thing you will notice right at the start when you start Ni No Kuni 2 is the all-new combat system. Gone are the days of turn-based combat. Ni No Kuni 2 features real-time battles and combat scenarios where you can command any one of the three-member team. This also means that there are no move lists or action menus to worry about. The combat is more intense and smoother now.

Just like Skyrim and The Witcher games, the attack commands are now assigned to controller buttons and are displayed on the screen. The UI has also been enhanced to facilitate this new mechanic. With the new combat system, you can really experience the fluidity of battles now. There are no wait times or any sorts of delay during the combat.

Each character in your party features unique combat skills and it creates a unique fighting experience every time you switch your character in the battle. Character switching is also very easy and smooth. Melee and ranged attacks have all been overhauled with smoother animations and satisfying damage dealing.

Although it may sound very complicated but the new combat system introduced in Ni No Kuni is very simple and it makes the game even better. it gives you more control in battle and how you manage your team during different scenarios.
Default Button Configurations

The button configurations of Ni No Kuni 2 are fairly simple. Pressing square will initiate a light attack, triangle a heavy attack while you can lock on to your enemies by clicking the right stick. If you want to roll and dodge incoming attacks, press the left bumper. You can combine square and triangle together to chain attacks that are better than simple attacks.

Channing attacks will let you stagger your enemies, which help in following up for more combo attacks. Left Trigger allows you to switch between the weapons and right trigger opens up the combat skills menu to perform. You can see that these controls are not difficult at all and follow the normal JRPG control scheme. Master these controls before you move on to other mechanics of the combat.

Understanding Camera Views

One thing you must know is that the exploration view and the combat view of the game is different. During normal exploration and out of the combat, the view will be slightly from the top down perspective and the characters will be much smaller on the screen giving you a wide view of your surroundings and the area ahead.

During combat, this camera will be shifted to a third-person perspective, giving you a better view for combat and focusing more on your extreme surroundings and the enemies ahead. You will easily get used to this as both camera angles are very much suited for what they are made for. To start combat, you can approach any of the monsters roaming around the world of Ni No Kuni 2. Blue enemies are passive to you while red or white enemies will attack you instantly when they spot you.

When the enemies are within close range, the combat will initiate and the camera will automatically shift to the third person perspective. You do not need to do anything, as this is an automated procedure. Once the enemies are defeated and you are out of the combat, your view will automatically revert to the top-down exploration mode.

Combat Skills

Each character comes with unique combat skills that he or she can use during the battle. They can be switched out by changing the melee weapons in their inventory. To see which melee weapons your character currently has, you can look in the upper left corner and underneath the health bars of each character; you will see weapons symbols which tell you about the weapons in their inventory.

You have the option of switching these weapons by pressing the left trigger. Now, the combat skills can only be used with the weapons that you use the most during a battle. Next to the weapon icon, you will also see a percentage, which should be zero if you have not used a weapon yet. This is a combat skill gauge and it allows you to execute special combat skills when this reaches 100%.

The percentage increases when you land successful attacks on your enemies during the battle. It does not matter which weapon you use, you can land attacks using any weapons and the percentage will go up for all weapons. When one of the weapons reaches 100%, you can switch to that weapon and press the right trigger. This will bring up a list of skill attacks that you can unleash with that weapon.

Each combat skill will have a specific button assigned to it. Press that button and your character will unleash that combat skill during the battle. An important thing to keep in mind is that these attacks can be launched at any time during the battle, but boosting a weapon to 100% and then using that weapon to unleash an attack will greatly increase the damage of that attack.

Choosing Default Character for Battle

Once the battle has begun, your party will enter the combat mode. During this mode, you will take control of the default character, which is also your topmost character. You will always play with this character whenever combat initiates. The remaining party members will start as your support characters and they will aid you in the battle.

You can change this order of the party characters as well. To change the characters, all you need to do is head to ‘Party’ menu on the main screen and choose whichever character you want at the top spot. You will always start combat with your new selection now. Any character below the third character will not join you during combat. The combat of Ni No Kuni 2 allows one main character and only two support characters during a battle.

However, it gives you the full freedom to switch around between them and choose the best ones suiting to your play style. Always choose your main character and support fighters because combat is heavily dependent on the skills of your party members. During the battle, there is also a secret way of switching between the three characters and we have detailed it below. Continue reading to find out how you can switch your characters during a battle.

Escaping from a Battle

Ni No Kuni 2 is one of those JRPG games, which limit the area when you encounter an enemy and a fight sequence is initiated. Whether the fight is taking place in an open area, or a tight underground dungeon, the area will be confined around a specific radius determined by the blue ring easily visible. Until you defeat the enemy or you die yourself, you will have to complete the battle within this circle.

This makes it much harder to move around and for some occasions, escape the battle quickly. If you have encountered a tough boss or any other enemy which has a much higher level than you, chances are you will not be able to defeat it and you are unable to run away from it from the looks of it. However, there is actually a way by which you can escape from a battle. It is a very simple method and we have explained it below.

Escaping from tough battles is actually very simple. When needed, head to the outer blue ring and continue running along it until you see an escape icon.

Keep in mind that once activated, it will start a countdown timer before you can escape from the battle and you must continue to run along the blue circle. Leaving the circle will stop the countdown. Also, not all boss battles allow you to escape. Quick escape battle ability can also be upgraded in the Tactic Tweaker.

Switching Characters

One of the main mechanics of Ni No Kuni is actually one of the least explained one by the game and that is character switching. Apart from normal exploration mode, where you can choose whatever character you want to play with, you can also change your characters during a battle. This can be considered a hidden way because the game does not explain it to you.

If you want to switch your characters during a battle, all you need to do is tap the up button or the down button on the D-pad. This allows you to scroll through all the characters in your party. This is a very helpful mechanic and can change the tide of the battle once you get access to special skills of another party character since each character is suited for a special situation.

Blocking and Dodging

As simple as these mechanics sound for a RPG, the controls in Ni No Kuni 2 are not that simple and the game does very little to tell you about it. The basic blocking is performed by pressing the L1 key but doing this will allow some damage to pass through. It means that you will take some damage but at least you will not fly in the air after taking a hit from a monster.

You can also dodge in Ni No Kuni 2. If you press L1 while aiming in any direction with the left stick, you will dodge in that direction avoiding the hit and getting damage at the same time. While you are dodging, you will never be hit so this can be called a small invincibility frame.

This is much better than using dodge and we recommend that try to dodge more than blocking enemy attacks. Use blocking only as a last resort. To make the dodge even more effective, there is also an in-game upgrade option, which allows you to upgrade your dodge ability. This makes it even better by increasing the time of this invincibility window.

This concludes our Ni No Kuni 2 Combat Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below!

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