Ni No Kuni 2 Beginners Guide

This Ni No Kuni 2 Beginners Guide is meant for newcomers who’re wanting to get some basic knowledge of how many of the mechanics work in Ni No Kuni 2 before they can embark on their journey. Below are tips covering details about the combat, kingdom progression, quests overview, and much more on the world of Ni No Kuni 2.

Ni No Kuni 2 Beginners Guide

Chances are you’re new to the Ni No Kuni series and you decided to pick it up because you can’t handle your friends telling you how go it is. They’re right about that. And to make the experience all the more satisfying and engaging, we’ve highlighted some beginner tips to help you.

These will shed light on how combat in the game works, as well as some of the collectibles you can find and how they affect the whole thing. We will also brush up on Kingdom building in the game and other features which are important to the core of the game.

This may be quite informative for players returning to the series as well since combat in the game has been seriously revamped in many ways. So hop on, this is going to be a wild ride!

Switching Perspectives

Just after booting up the game, there’s one thing you should know. Even though the main protagonist and the first character you play as is Evan, the ousted king, you can choose to not restrict yourself to only him. Throughout your playthrough of the game, you can switch between the three main characters on the cast of the game.

You can do this during battle sequences as well. It is carried out either manually by making sure the playable character is at the top of the ‘Party members’ list. Or, an easier way is to just press the ‘up’ button on the d-pad of your PS4 controller; this will lead you to play as a different character. This really makes traversing in the land of Ni No Kuni 2 much quicker.

Combat and Weapons

Soon, without a doubt, you’ll find yourself in a fight with something formidable. For the purpose, you need how weapons and the combat mechanics in the game work. The crux is this: each character will have 3 melee weapons, a ranged one, and maximum 4 slots for magic skills.

Magic skills and ranged weapons will consume mana but are powerful attacks which can be charged by pressing holding down their respective buttons. If the mana runs out, switch to your melee weapon until the mana (MP) can replenish again.

Moreover, as you continue into the world of Ni No Kuni 2, you will find rarer, quicker and more powerful weapons which can be picked up.

You’ll find quite a few weapons in the game that have the exact same name. At first glance, you may think that you’ve just gotten a copy of the same weapon. But in reality, this new weapon may be a rarer, or more powerful version. So, make sure to closely inspect the weapons/equipment you get

Some skills will be more suited for clearing out swarms of enemies while others will focus on a single enemy. Be sure to read the description of each equipped skill. As far as combat is concerned, most of the enemy attacks can be dodged by rolling over.

Holding the ‘roll over’ button will end in your character assuming the position to block or guard. Moreover, you can improve the results of your battles through Higgledy as well which brings us to out next topic.

To save some time, the game gives you the option to automatically equip the most powerful equipment you have. You can do this by hitting the square button in the weapons/equipment tab when you’re in the equipment information screen of a character.

Sometimes, using this is the better option as you want to equip the best weapons anyway. However, you should use this option very scarcely. Always try to choose your weapon/equipment yourself.

This will allow you to choose the weapons that work best with your play-style, instead of just the strongest weapons.


Higgledy are creatures which will assist you in battles. They exist as the elemental forms of fire, water, land or air. When a circle appears around them, go over and press ‘X’ to activate them. They will attack the enemies automatically and you can have upto 4 Higgledies at a time. They also come as having various skills.

These include powerful attacks or healing abilities. They can be found scattered in the world of Ni No Kuni as Higgledy stones. They will require certain items to be offered in order to unlock the creatures. You can find a complete guide for Unlocking the Higgledy Stones by heading over the page.


Loots are identified by their sparkle on the map. These will also be dropped by enemies after they have been defeated. The loots will respawn after battles or fast travelling to other places.

Most of the time, the dropped loots will be items which can aid you in regenerating health or upgrading your skills. Rarely, you’ll be able to acquire actual gear or weapons from the loot which this time around will be in the form of a chest.

You don’t need to collect ALL the loot in the area. Since the loot respawns anyway, you can collect it later.

As you progress through the game and collect a ton of loot, it may seem like it’s become a burden on you, and you should just sell it all or stash it away. Don’t do this.

Almost all the loot in the game has its unique uses. Aside from using the loot, you can also trade it in for something more valuable. For example, if you have a lot of pebbles, you can trade 10 of them with Mr. Higglesworth in exchange for a rare candy. This candy can then be used on a character to give them a permanent buff effect.

You can also give the Taskmaster specific items to get yourself some Tokens of Gratitude, which can then be traded in for some rare loot or even new residents for your kingdom.


Enemies labelled red are likely to be a tough battle. They will be on a level greater than yours, so we would not really recommend a fight against them. Blue ones will be an easy fight while the white ones will be on the same level as you.

It’s, therefore, important to note the color of the names of the creature before heading into a fight. Fleeing from battle, you will notice a blue circle on the ground appears. A circular gauge will then appear which if it fills up will mean you have escaped from battle.

Initially enemies will attack if they spot you. You can however, outrun them and they will leave the chase. If you are able to level up to a rank which is 5 higher than that of the enemies, they won’t attack you even if they spot you or your party. They will only engage in battle if they’re attacked first.


There’s a meter right next to your meter which gains percentage on every hit you land on a foe. If the Zing reaches all the way to 100%, you can use one of the skills from the attack buttons. This will result in a powerful hit to be inflicted on the enemy.

Using the Zing once will reset it to 0% and the procedure repeats. It is advisable to always start a battle with Zing so you can utilize the skill quickly while dealing huge deals of damage to the enemy.

Health and Mana

Having a bar both or HP (health) and MP (mana) regardless if you’re a mage or not, you need to find resources often to replenish them.

Thankfully, downed enemies will drop a blue or green orb which will allow you to regenerate mana and health respectively. The Higgledy creatures we mentioned above, will throw these orbs towards you after eliminating enemies.

It is important to note that MP regenerates on its own as well, but it takes a while to do so. Collecting orbs is a much quicker way to be able to use magic again!

Gilders and Kingsguilders

The currency in the game is divided into two categories: Guilders and Kingsguilders. Guilders are the basic earnings you get from completing quests, defeating enemies and selling items. Kingsguilders will be what you earn via the residents or the citizens of your Kingdom once Evermore has reached a certain level of reputation.

Both of these currencies will shape up your experience greatly. For more on the in-game currencies in the game, be sure to check out our Money Guide.

The more citizens that your Kingdom holds, the more earnings you can collect. These citizens can be acquired after completing side-quests and story missions. You can check out the link for more information!

Start Exploring Only After Chapter 4

There’s a lot for you to learn in the world of Ni No Kuni 2, but most of the systems in the game won’t be accessible until you finish chapter 4. So, don’t go out and start grinding the game from the get-go. Play through the first four chapters of the campaign and then feel free to do so

Trip Doors and Save Points

Trip Doors are checkpoints or places in the game where you can teleport to and from instantly if you’ve activated them. These can help you fast-travel from locations far away and traverse lands much quicker.

They will be doors with shiny blue light around them. Accessing one will add that point to your menu. You can then teleport to this point from your ‘Options’ in menu from anywhere.

The game AutoSaves at key events in the game start of missions, or after defeating bosses. Manually, you can head to the ‘Options’ and save the game from there.

Lastly, you can find Waystones which will not only save the game for you but also replenish health and mana. These are like the bonfires in Dark Souls series. They will be present before a boss fight or at the end of the area.

Leafbook and Tactic Tweaker

These are like directories or like the radio intel from MGS series, which throws information in your way about certain characters and beasts called Tainted Monsters. Furthermore, sometimes locations for certain treasures will also be shared on Leafbook which is basically Ni No Kuni’s Facebook.

A feature called the Tactic Tweaker will allow you to level up your skills, your weapon modifications and your HP and MP bars. This Tweaker will give you just the right strengths and remove the weaknesses against the type of enemy you choose to pit against.

Dreamer’s Maze

Lastly, if you’re looking to take that level of difficulty and challenge to a whole new level, head to the Dreamer’s Mazes in the games. These are dungeons crawling with some of the most difficult foes in the game, with randomly generated levels.

After clearing out the hordes of enemies, you will come across some terrifying beast at the end, a boss battle.

These are only for the most experienced players since the difficulty gets higher the more time you spend in these mazes. These dungeons are hidden in tonnes of places in Ni No Kuni 2 which you can find by heading over to the link.

You have the option to decrease the danger level of the Dream Maze by using ‘Orbs’ which can be found in the overworld. You can get these orbs from stray pots, and there’s also a chance for them to be dropped when you kill an enemy.

When you’re in the Dream Maze, fill your bar up to the brim and then use the orb to decrease it back to 0. This will allow you to spend more time in the dungeon and use your orbs more efficiently.

Return to Dungeons After Unlocking New Skills

When you go through a dungeon for the first time, you most likely won’t be able to explore it in its entirety. There will be some areas that’ll be locked off and you’ll need some unique skills to enter there.

Make sure to keep a note of these locked areas so that when you eventually get the required skill, you’ll remember to explore that area of the dungeon and get some more loot.

Save your Guilders Until You Get a Kingdom

After you get your own kingdom, you’ll be able to craft and upgrade equipment yourself. Spending your guilders on buying/upgrading weapons or armor before you have your own kingdom is a very bad idea. Just save it up until you have your own kingdom management.

When you get multiple kingdoms, remember to look after each one. Each kingdom will have its own unique missions and rare loot.

Keep an Eye on Your Leafbook

The Leafbook is a social media platform in the game. It may seem like just a gimmick at first, but it’s actually an important thing to keep track of as it helps you find secret items and monster info.

It also gives you tips and clues, which can be saved for easy access by ‘liking’ them

This is all we have in our Ni No Kuni 2 Beginners Guide. If there is anything else that you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!

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