NHL 22 Best Wingers Guide

Winger is an important position in Ice Hockey as they perform multiple tasks on the rink ranging from Puck possession to dealing with the opposition’s defenseman. In this guide, we’ll be covering the NHL 22 Left Best Wingers with the highest in-game overall.

NHL 22 Best Wingers

Wingers can be a multi-tasking position as they play both a defensive and an offensive game.

However, as a Winger, your chances of playing offensively in the attacking zone are higher than most of the positions, and once the puck lands on the opposition’s side of the rink, you’ll be drifting towards the center.

Basically, your tasks as a Winger switch from time to time depending upon the scenario. All you need to know is that, as a Winger in NHL 22, your main goal is to play the puck near the board, make shots, and score goals.

Below is a list of the best Right Wingers and Left Wingers to play as in NHL 22.

Best Right Wingers

Starting off with the best Right Wingers in NHL 22, below is a table dedicated to the top 10 Right Wingers with the highest Overall.

             Name                  Team POS OVR
Patrick Kane Chicago Blackhawks RW 92
Nikita Kucherov Tampa Bay Lightning RW 92
David Pastrnak Boston Bruins RW 91
Mikko Rantanen Colorado Avalanche RW 90
Mitchell Marner Toronto Maple Leafs RW 90
Mark Stone Vegas Golden Knights RW 89
Alex DeBrincat Chicago Blackhawks RW 88
Blake Wheeler Winnipeg Jets RW 88
Andrei Svechnikov Carolina Hurricanes RW 87
Brock Boeser Vancouver Canucks RW 87

Best Left Wingers

This part of the guide is concerned with 10 of the best Left-Wingers in NHL 22. Below we’ve arranged a table for the best Left Wingers with the highest Overall.

             Name                  Team POS OVR
Alexander Ovechkin Washington Capitals LW 92
Brad Marchand Boston Bruins LW 91
Artemi Panarin New York Rangers LW 91
Jonathan Huberdeau Florida Panthers LW 90
Kirill Kaprizov Minnesota Wild LW 88
Kyle Connor Winnipeg Jets LW 88
Matthew Tkachuk Calgary Flames LW 88
Jake Guentzel Pittsburgh Penguins LW 87
Gabriel Landeskog Colorado Avalanche LW 87
Johnny Gaudreau Calgary Flames LW 87

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