NHL 22 Best Goalies Guide

The Goalie is one of the most vital positions in NHL 22. In this guide, we will be covering the top 10 Goalies according to their OVR and also our recommendation of the best ones in NHL 22.

NHL 22 Best Goalies

Goalies are the iron wall that stands between the opposing team and getting points on the board in NHL 22. Below we’ve listed the top 10 goalies with the best OVR, dictating their overall skill at protecting your goal and cementing your defense.

Top 10 Goalies in NHL 22

Name Team OVR
Andrei Vasilevskiy Tampa Bay Lightning 92
Connor Hellebuyck Winnipeg Jets 91
Carey Price Montreal Canadiens 90
Marc-Andre Fleury Chicago Blackhawks 90
Tuukka Rask Free Agent 90
John Gibson Anaheim Ducks 89
Jacob Markstrom Calgary Flames 88
Phillip Grubauer Seattle Kraken 87
Semyon Varlamov Islanders 87
Robin Lehner Golden Knights 87

It was clear from the start that the Stanley Cup Champion Andrei Vasilevskiy is going to be the number one Goalie with an overall rating of 92.

Opposition is not going to like playing against him as he is the highest-rated player in the NHL 22 with some good stats. He had a little less endurance though other stats compensate for it pretty well.

Connor Hellebuyck with an overall rating of 91 is the best Goalie at number 2. His endurance and pass stats are higher than Andrei Vasilevskiy which makes him better than the champion in these two points.

After these two we think Tuukka Rask with an overall rating of 90 is a good choice than Carey Price and Marc-Andre Fleury. Both of them are also a good fit for the top 10 spots but they are not a good fit for number 3 or 4 though they have a higher rating than others.

Semyon Varlamov is a good choice after the above-mentioned goalies though he has an overall rating of 87 which is less than few others. But his other stats like pass and endurance is better than the ones with the higher overall rating.

The other goalies available in the top 10 according to the OVR are pretty much equal in most of the stats. If you wanna go with any of them you can choose anyone you like as they are all amazing at their role!

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