NHL 22 Best Defensemen Guide

This guide aims to highlight the Best Defensemen in NHL 22 so that you can easily figure out which player is best suited for your playstyle and team composition. We will also be talking about their overall ratings in this guide.

NHL 22 Best Defensemen

A reliable defenseman is an extremely important part of a hockey team as they have the responsibility to face the opposition’s forward players, close passing lanes, and set up their team for offensive plays.

Defensemen also need to use their overall all-rounder skills to force turnovers, and that is why you have to pick the Best Defensemen out there for your team.

We have listed the top 10 Defensemen in NHL 22 for your convenience. They all have varied overall ratings and team backgrounds so, there is bound to be someone who fits your playstyle.

Name Team OVR
Victor Headman Tampa Bay Lightning 92
Roman Josi Nashville Predators 90
John Carlson Washington Capitals 90
Alex Pietrangelo Vegas Golden Knights 80
Cale Makar Colorado Avalanche 89
Dougie Hamilton New Jersey Devils 88
Thomas Chabot Ottawa Senators 88
Adam Fox New York Rangers 87
Charlie Mcavoy Boston Bruins 87
Zach Werenski Columbus Blue Jackets 87

These are the top Best Defensemen in NHL 22 right now. Victor Headman leads the list with an OVR of 92 and excellent body checking and defense awareness.

His awesome endurance and defensive stats made it possible for him to best the former champion Roman Josi, who now sits at 2nd alongside John Carlson with an OVR of 90.

If we go lower down the list, then Cale Makar with an OVR of 89 could be an excellent choice for your team as he has 96 Speed and 94 agility. His skating and defensive skills are on par with the likes of Victor Headman.

Dougie Hamilton has finally made his way onto the top 10 list with an OVR of 89 and exceptional passing and awareness skills. You can pick any player from this list, and they will have promising stats. You can’t go wrong with anybody on this list.

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