NHL 22 Best Cheap Players Guide

Even If you don’t have a lot of money to sink into NHL 22’s HUT, you shouldn’t settle for lesser quality player cards that will hurt your overall performance and success in the game. In this NHL 22 guide, we will show you the best cheap players in NHL 22 who are not expensive yet boast freakish individual abilities. These cards will certainly help you boost your HUT career.

NHL 22 Best Cheap Players

We have listed down all the budget players for you with their individual abilities, stats and strengths. Some of these players have superstar abilities which make them a really special pick for your team.

Seth Jones

Seth Jones of the Chicago Blackhawks is one of the most inexpensive and excellent defensive cards available in NHL 22.


  • He has a top speed of 86 mph and an acceleration of 85 mph.
  • He has an 83 overall.,
  • His defensive awareness is 84,
  • Shot blocking is at 82, Stick checking is 84,
  • Faceoffs is 50.
  • His discipline is 80.

Superstar Ability

Seth Jone’s superstar ability is Shut Down, which means he has advanced accuracy when poke checking against momentum or at speed in rush situations.  He also has improved shot-blocking and hitting strength while defending against rush chances.

Samuel Girard

Samuel Girard of the Colorado Avalanche is the next player on the list. The fact that you can acquire him for such a small amount of money makes him a no-brainer.


  • Samuel has 86 skating.
  • He has shooting ability of 80,
  • 85 with hands.
  • His checking ability is 76.
  • Defense rating is 82.
  • His best attributes are his acceleration and speed, which are both set at 89.

Superstar Ability

Samuel Girard has the superstar ability known as Elite Edges which means he has advanced maneuverability with the ability to turn tight corners while retaining high speed.

Matt Duchene

Matt Duchene has one of the most remarkable yet best cheap player cards in NHL 22 HUT. The 81-rated centerman for the Nashville Predators is just worth a few thousand dollars.


  • He has skating ability of 85.
  • His shooting is rated at 81.
  • His hands rating is 81.
  • Checking ability is 78.
  • He has defensive capability around 80.
  • His acceleration and speed, are 88 and 89 respectively.

Nikolaj Ehlers

Next up is Nikolaj Ehlers of Denmark, who has a rating of 82. He has performed incredibly well offensively.


  • The left-winger boasts 85 in skating,
  • Nikolaj has 83 in shooting,
  • He has 86 rating in hands,
  • His checking ability is 76, and
  • He has a solid rating of 80 in defense.
  • His speed, acceleration and agility are 89, 89 and 87 respectively.

Superstar Ability

Nikola has the superstar ability which is known as Unstoppable force in NHL 22. This ability means that he has incredible strength with the puck and improved ability to cling onto the puck while off balance.

Evgeny Kuznetsov

Many NHL 22 players consider Evgeny Kuznetsov, to be one of the finest wingers for under 50,000 coins.

But the good news is that he’s not even close to that price, making him one of the most affordable players in NHL 22 HUT.


  • The winger has 87 in skating.
  • He has 84 shooting and 85 rating in hands.
  • He has 78 and 80 in checking and defending.
  • His best attributes are acceleration, speed and agility in which he has 91, 91 and 89 respectively.
  • He also has 86 deking and an average of 84.75 shooting.

Superstar Ability

Evgeny Kuznetsov’s superstar ability is Close Quarters. It enables him to shoot incredibly well in close spaces.

Kasperi Kapanen

For those of you who have a couple of thousand dollars to spare, the 81-rated Finnish right winger for the Pittsburgh Penguins is another great and very a budget option.


  • The Finnish winger has 86 in skating.
  • 80 and 80 shooting and hands.
  • He has 79 checking.
  • His defensive attributes are rated at 80.
  • His acceleration and speed, both are at 90.

Anthony Duclair

Anthony Dunclair of the Florida Panthers is a fantastic and affordable card for those on a tight budget.

Dunclair is comparable to Kasperi Kapanen in a way that he gets much of his worth from his insane speed numbers, however unlike Kapanen, Dunclair has a far superior shooting and costs roughly half as much.


  • Dunclair’s skating skills are rated at 84,
  • He has 81 in shooting,
  • 81 and 77 in hands and checking.
  • His defensive abilities are rated at 79.
  • His acceleration and speed, are both set at 89.

Jake Gardiner

Jake Gardiner is one of the best defensive cards in NHL 22 specially in affordable category.


  • He has 85 in skating.
  • He is 79 in both shooting and hands.
  • His checking and defensive abilities are both rated at 82.
  • Furthermore, he has 87 speed and 87 acceleration.
  • The American has 83 in defensive awareness.
  • He has 84 in both blocking and stick checking.
  • His power shots are quite underrated as well as he is rated at 77 and 84 in slapshot stats.

Jake Oettinger (GK)

Jake Oettinger, a rookie with the Dallas Stars, is a card you can’t ignore. The 81-rated goalie, who was born in 1998, has some of the most remarkable numbers among keepers in his price bracket.

Jake doesn’t go for a lot of coins in NHL 22 HUT since his card can’t be formed part of the Dallas Stars team builder set because he’s technically a Texas star, despite his impressive individual performance numbers.


  • He has 80 high, 80 low, 82 quickness, 81 positioning and 80 in rebounds.

Nick Leddy

In NHL 22, Nick Leddy is another underappreciated player. The 81-rated defender presently playing for the Detroit Red Wings will be a good addition to your squad for just a few thousand dollars, making him one of the most important cards to have early in your HUT career.


  • The Detroit defender has 83 in skating.
  • He has a decent rating of 79 in shooting,
  • 82 and 80 in hands and checking.
  • His defensive abilities are rated at 82 defending.
  • His acceleration and speed are 85 and 86 respectively.

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