How To Skip Day/Night In NFS Unbound

This guide will help you learn how to skip a day or a night in NFS Unbound so you can get to these locked pending races faster.

Need For Speed: Unbound may let you go as fast as you want, but missions that are locked to a particular time make it a pain to be able to go as fast as you want to. These particular missions in NFS Unbound can only be accessed during either day or night. There are some that are only available at a later date in your calendar. This wait becomes tedious especially if you don’t have any other important races to complete as you wait.

This guide will help you learn how to skip a day or a night in NFS Unbound so you can get to these locked pending races faster.

How to skip time in NFS Unbound

Need For Speed: Unbound introduces the fixed calendar and the day and night cycle in the game, and all the races are predetermined for a fixed time. This seems very interesting at the start as you can grind your way to fame and riches.

However, every racer reaches a point where you have all that you might ever want and you just want to get to the next major event in the game. Here, the same system becomes a huge pain. You have to wait a long time just to get to the next event.

Fortunately, unlike advertised, NFS: Unbound doesn’t feature a dynamic day and night cycle. Meaning, there are ways for you to skip a day or two through in-game mechanics.

In general, you need to complete an entire race, and then head back to your garage. When you exit the garage, the time will have changed. If you enter your garage during the day, you exit at night. Simple, but any race in Need for Speed: Unbound takes almost 15 minutes to complete.


Start a police chase

Most of the races have a police chase thrown in them to make things interesting but they just drag the race. If you get caught by the police, you lose all of your unbagged cash and you are released the next day.

This is the perfect way to switch time without having to complete a race. One of the things you can do to skip time is to simply start a race. Once the police chase begins, give up. Surrender!

When you are arrested, the race is considered lost and you are free the next day, having skipped a full night or day without having to go through a tedious race.

If you don’t like having a few lost races on your record, you can even get arrested without starting a race by crashing into a cop car in free roam. Simply exit the garage, find a nearby cop car and ram into it to get the chase started. Once it does, just let the cop arrest you.

This doesn’t result in any reputation loss or financial loss. On top of that, You still get to skip an entire day or night, depending on when you are arrested.

The downside is that you will miss any important opportunities that might have been available for you, so keep that in mind as you decide to get arrested.

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