Next Xbox Controller May Take Cues From DualSense

Microsoft has apparently put out a survey asking gamers what they think of the DualSense, the successor controller to the DualShock of Playstations past that came out with the Playstation 5. It’s quite possible this survey is meant to gauge how Microsoft can improve the next Xbox controller in future generations.

Alongside greater processing power, graphics, and framerate, one of the big sticking points of this generation was the addition of haptic feedback to games, deepening immersion of players beyond audio coming through the controller or simple vibrations.

The DualSense includes all of these, and also includes haptic triggers to better help players feel like they’re actually wielding the weapons they use in game. The haptic triggers can include an amount of resistance that allows players to choose different firing modes, or to simulate how hard you have to press on the trigger.

The Xbox Series X controller doesn’t have any haptics like the DualSense, but if the questionnaire about the DualSense is intended to help development of the next Xbox controller, then it’s likely that responses players give them will go towards whatever controller they put out next.

This already happened the previous generation with the Xbox Elite Controller, which came with a wide variety of customization options that allowed any player that bought one to be able to customize the design to best suit how they played.

While any upcoming Xbox controller likely won’t be as high-end as the Elite, any amount of haptic feedback that can be added onto the next Xbox controller will likely be a big help for Microsoft in the future, and a big boon to gamers as well.

Either way, whatever the result, you should likely give your honest thoughts to Microsoft if you should get an email asking for your thoughts on the Playstation 5’s DualSense controller.