Next World of Warcraft Expansion is Shadowland, New Leak Suggests

Blizzard Entertainment has some surprises to share with us during Blizzcon and WoW wouldn’t be missing. According to the latest leaks, the next World of Warcraft expansion will be called Shadowland and might bring back the one and only, Lich King. There’s not much we know yet about it, but it looks like Blizzard’s MMORPG is about to have another great year.

Many would say that it’s time for World of Warcraft to start giving its place to new titles. However, the franchise is far from over. After the huge release of Battle for Azeroth and World of Warcraft Classic, Blizzard is working on a new expansion for WoW, named Shadowland. The leak wants World of Warcraft Shadowland to be getting an announcement during BlizzCon 2019, along with Diablo 4 and Overwatch 2. However, that’s not even the interesting part.

A leaked merch photo shows the Lich King (presumably Bolvar) yielding a hammer. Although we question the originality of the photo, it does come with certain significance. We do know that the story of the Lich King is far from over. After the fall of Arthas, Bolvar insisted that the Helm of Domination should be put on his head and he’d become the “Jailer of the Damned” so that the scourge can be contained. Bolvar is emitting orange essence from his body, which is similar to the leaked picture.

World of Warcraft Shadowland

Could the scourge be coming back under a new command in the next World of Warcraft expansion?

Apart from this, we see another leaked picture, showing the Shadowlands logo along with a city. The description claims that you’ll “explore the glorious land of Bastion and meet the noble Kyrian”. It continues by saying, you can discover new abilities, which seems a bit unrealistic, but one can always hope.

Even though all this new information looks too good to be true, it doesn’t follow up with what we knew so far. Previous leaks wanted the next expansion to be about the Old Gods. Its name, according to the leak, is World of Warcraft: Age of Darkness.

It won’t be long until we know for sure what the next World of Warcraft expansion is. Blizzcon is starting on November 1st and we’ll most likely know then what will happen with the famous MMORPG. Note that even if we get an official announcement, the expansion won’t release before summer 2020. Until then, Battle for Azeroth and Vanilla WoW will have to suffice.

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