Next Overwatch Hero Might Not Be Doomfist, Suggests Jeff Kaplan

People were thinking that next Overwatch hero will be Doomfist because of some hints contained in the game’s PTR. The idea of this character being playable was boosted even more by a petition users made in order to make Terry Crews voice Doomfist.

But it seems that this theory was everything but not true. The game’s director, Jeff Kaplan, recently decided to break the silence and talk about the question during a recent chat with fans. 

He has said that the game’s twenty-fourth character won’t be what people think and considering that the most discussed game character right now is Doomfist, we can conclude that he won’t be the chosen one.

Overwatch has a large crowd of players and has managed, last year, to become the fastest selling PC game in China. This year, however, it has achieved a new exciting milestone.

According to analyst Daniel Ahmad from Niko Partners, Overwatch has sold more than five million copies in China since its launch. The previous game holding the honor of being the fastest selling PC title in the country was Diablo III.

Blizzard has recently announced that Overwatch Season 3 is about to end February 21. Season 4 will begin on February 28, alongside a new major update that will introduce various changes and balance for heroes.

Who do you think next Overwatch character will be?

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