Next Mass Effect Andromeda Reveal On November 7

We can expect the next Mass Effect Andromeda reveal to happen on November 7, known among the Bioware fanbase as “N7 Day” in recognition of the N7 rank that Commander Shepard was a part of. The announcement comes after years of frustration for fans, who have been longing for concrete gameplay of Mass Effect Andromeda.

Previously, Mass Effect fans had been getting treated to a number of “trailers” that seemed more like development diaries than anything. While there have been two actual trailers (the first Mass Effect Andromeda reveal trailer at E3 2014, and another N7 Day trailer narrated by Jennifer Hale), we’ve seen precious little actual game footage.

This has been remedied as of the Playstation Meeting, where some gameplay was finally shown off to introduce the lighting mechanics that the Playstation 4 Slim and Playstation 4 Pro (formerly the Neo) would have. However, we still don’t have any real inkling of what the game’s plot will be about.

Now, according to the official Mass Effect Twitter, this N7 Day, Bioware will finally have more to show us rather than cutscene footage and images of developers working on the game. Exactly what they’ll be showing us, however, is a mystery.

Previous Bioware games, such as Dragon Age: Inquisition, have had small game snippets shown off before. Inquisition’s showing at PAX West 2013 not only showed us the stronghold system that we would be working with, but also the various decisions players would have to make over the course of the game.

Whatever we’ll be shown at the Mass Effect Andromeda reveal will hopefully be more along those lines, not only allowing us to show off more of the Andromeda Galaxy (such as the cluster that we were shown at the Playstation Meeting), but also maybe showing us some of the game’s combat, the threats we’ll be facing, and the party members that we’ll be befriending on the way.