Next Hearthstone Expansion Already Near Completion

Blizzard has shared interesting information about how it approaches the development of upcoming content, particularly the next Hearthstone expansion pack.

The company’s popular free-to-play card game received Journey to Un’Goro only last week, adding over a hundred new cards alongside unique Legendary Quests and other new gameplay mechanics. However, the development team is already finalizing the next upcoming Hearthstone expansion pack.

Taking to Twitter, a fan asked out of curiosity if Blizzard begins work on a new expansion pack after the release of the most recent one. Perhaps that way, the developer is able to take into account the new meta before crafting new cards for future decks.

According to game director Ben Brode, that is not how Blizzard works. He confirmed that the developer is already done with the next Hearthstone expansion pack, nearly done with the one after that, and currently pinning initial concept designs for the third expansion after that.

Blizzard has traditionally followed a cycle of around six months before releasing a new expansion pack for Hearthstone. The Year of the Kraken saw the release of “Whispers of the Old Gods” last April, followed by Mean Streets of Gadgetzan in December. The most recent release of Journey to Un’Goro marked the start of the Year of the Mammoth. Based on that pattern, the next expansion pack can be estimated to arrive around October or November.

Last week, Blizzard issued an official statement to clarify that the card distribution system of Journey to Un’Goro was working as intended. Following the release, many from the community were not too happy with receiving multiple duplicates by unlocking their card packs. The belief that the game was bugged led to an outcry, which was quelled by the developer.

Journey to Un’Goro is now available for purchase from the official Blizzard Shop.

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