Next Generation Cyber Criminals Being Motivated By Gaming Websites And Forums, According To Report

The United Kingdom’s’ National Crime Agency has done some research which concludes that young people that are into IT are getting motivated to take part in cyber criminal activities by gaming websites and forums. The report claims that these are the source of motivation for the next generation cyber criminals.

This is an interesting finding and I am sure that there is much more to this than what meets the eye but it is safe to say that not everyone will agree with the findings of this report. The report claims that younger people are more likely to become next generation cyber criminals as they are not motivated by money.

Younger people are motivated by acceptance on the internet and recognition in the gaming community. Finding ways of hacking games and modding them is how it starts and it can lead to illegal activities as well. Planing Trojan malware is something that is very common these days and anyone with a little skill can pull it off.

Following are the major findings of the report:

  • No females have been arrested by NCCU for cyber-dependent crime as of February 2016.
  • Availability of low-level hacking tools encourages criminal behavior.
  • Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) appears to be more prevalent amongst cyber criminals than the general populace, though this remains unproven.
  • Offenders begin to participate in gaming cheat websites and “modding” (game modification) forums and progress to criminal hacking forums without considering consequences.
  • Financial gain is not necessarily a priority for young offenders.
  • Completing the challenge, sense of accomplishment, proving oneself to peers is a key motivation for those involved in cyber criminality.
  • Offenders perceive the likelihood of encountering law enforcement as low.
  • Cyber crime is not solitary and anti-social. Social relationships, albeit online, are key. Forum interaction and building of reputation drives young cyber criminals.

But all is not lost and there is a positive side to the story as well. The report reveals that mentorship and guidance also plays an important role in the process and if individuals are mentored properly they can put these skills to good use instead of becoming next generation cyber criminals.

This is very interesting and if you want to go in depth you can check out the full report here.

Let us know what you think about this report and whether or not gaming websites and forums are encouraging next generation cyber criminals.

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