Next-Gen Final Fantasy 7 Remake Port May Include More Story, Says Leak

A recent leak about the next-gen Final Fantasy 7 Remake port might have given us a hint of what we can expect when it releases. Apparently, new story content will be getting added to the Playstation 5 and PC versions of the game, though so far we have no confirmation that it’s true.

An insider named Navtra has claimed that the next-gen port for Final Fantasy 7 Remake is much more than a port, and will in fact be using the greater power of the Playstation 5 to expand itself, adding in more story content. This is all revealed before the Final Fantasy 7 Remake Orchestra World Tour, where Motomu Toriyama will appear to reveal news about new content for the game.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake is the culmination of all of the technology and story that Square Enix has gathered over decades of developing Final Fantasy games. The remake of Final Fantasy 7 has already gained a great deal of new content from its expansion, and if the leaks of the next-gen Final Fantasy 7 Remake port are true, we may see even more yet.

A next-gen port of the game offers a great many things to other players that decide to pick it up. Alongside the rumored new story content, the game’s next-gen graphics will undoubtedly make an already amazing-looking game look even better.

Navtra is trusted among many in the leaker community, as he accurately predicted some of the new reveals for the Playstation 5 showcase, including Final Fantasy 16. However, his information is older than what he normally uses, so it’s possible that things could be changed.

We’ll have to wait and see exactly what information about a next-gen Final Fantasy 7 Remake port may include, but hopefully considering how big the game is, it will be something that’s well worth it and that all of the game’s fans can enjoy.