Next-Gen Console Air Flow Highlights Disadvantages In Xbox Series X

One of the big selling points of the Xbox Series X and Playstation 5 was that they would be able to work off the heat generated by their more powerful processors with larger vents that would assist in cooling. However, next-gen console air flow might be lacking a bit with the Xbox Series X.

A recent video from the YouTube channel Gamers Nexus went into detail on the different fan systems of both the Xbox Series X and Playstation 5, showing it through a process called Schlieren photography, which helps to measure air density.

While there are a large number of vents in the Xbox Series X’s design, there are a number of design flaws that make it difficult to cool off, especially if you have a normal entertainment center that has a ceiling in the alcove you keep the console in.

This can cause the heat that’s released by the console to rebound back into the console itself, which will have the negative effect of causing temperature to go up even faster. Adding to that, one part of the back of the console’s venting is closed off.

While this isn’t really a deal breaker, it does limit options on where you might put the Xbox Series X if you come to own it. In contrast, the next-gen console air flow for the Playstation 5 seems to be better; its much quieter fan is concentrated mainly in the back, so there’s no air going upward.

So, regardless of what console you’ve gotten, you should always set it up by keeping your next-gen console air flow in mind. Be sure to set your console up in a place that’s fairly open to prevent heat from building up and possibly damaging the console.

You can find the video about the air flow by following this link, but either way, make sure that your console is in an area where it won’t overheat.