Next Dragon Ball FighterZ Character Might Be Omega Shenron, Leaked Audio Hints

The next Dragon Ball FighterZ character might be Omega Shenron after someone got a hold of a leaked piece of audio from Gogeta.

A new snippet of leaked audio from what sounds like a Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan version of Gogeta might mean that the next Dragon Ball FighterZ character might be Omega Shenron. While we have no confirmation just yet, there’s tsill three new characters left to announce this season.

It’s already been announced over the weekend that Ultra Instinct Goku and Kefla were both being added to the character roster of Dragon Ball FighterZ. However, three other character have yet to be announced this season, and while there’s no confirmation, Omega Shenron may be one of them.

Omega Shenron is a character from Dragon Ball GT, the most powerful of the show’s final villain group, the Shadow Dragons, evil creatures born from the Dragon Balls’ stored negative energy that then rose to try and destroy the world.

While the leaked audio in question doesn’t refer to Omega Shenron specifically, the line is one that was originally said to Omega Shenron during Gogeta’s fight with him in Dragon Ball GT. It might be a generic taunt, but it might also be one specifically tailored to be used on Omega Shenron.

Dragon Ball GT has been essentially declared non-canon after Dragon Ball Super began, but since Gogeta originally made his first appearance in GT some fans might extrapolate that more GT content is coming. However, without context, who knows who the next Dragon Ball FighterZ character actually is.

There’s a large number of other Dragon Ball characters that could just as easily be picked, including various Tournament of Power characters, that could fill those three slots, even if obvious picks like Jiren have already been released. However, we won’t know exactly what characters are filling the remaining slots until they’re actually announced.

Exactly who the next Dragon Ball FighterZ character turns out to be will likely be several weeks or months away, and whether or not it’s Omega Shenron is still up for debate. But hopefully, whatever character it is, they’ll be great.

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