The Next Breath Of The Wild DLC Will Still Have You Playing As Link

Nintendo has released one of the next Breath of the Wild DLC packs after E3 happened last month, the Master Trials DLC, which added a number of new outfits to the game along with an enhanced difficulty setting and a trial to prove that you’re truly worthy of the Master Sword.

However, the next DLC, the Champion’s Ballad DLC, is something that we know much less about. However, Nintendo has confirmed that you’ll still be playing as Link, even though the DLC will be focusing more on the four champions from the game’s backstory.

The four other Champions from the game are Revali, Urbosa, Daruk, and Mipha, who were intended to pilot the Divine Beasts and use them against Ganon when he attacked Hyrule again. However, each Champion was defeated by a monster Ganon sent to take over the Divine Beasts, leaving Link to free their spirits so that they can take over the Divine Beasts again.

According to Nintendo, the next Breath of the Wild DLC will apparently be a prequel that will feature the Champions more heavily (since they were only seen in flashbacks or when you completed their respective Divine Beasts). However, when players speculated that they would be playing as the different champions, Eiji Aonuma went on the record saying that we’d still be playing as Link.

However, at least this means that we’ll now be able to see more of the bond between Link and the other four champions, showing his rivalry with Revali, Mipha’s unrequited love for him, and a variety of other moments. Considering we only got little snippets with each of the Champions, we’ll hopefully be able to sympathize with them more when the new Breath of the Wild DLC pack releases.

The Champion’s Ballad DLC will be releasing in the winter, so in the meantime players should probably brush up on their adventuring skills in the Master Trials.