Next Battlefield 1 DLC Detailed, Monthly Updates Promised

“In the Name of the Tsar” is the next Battlefield 1 DLC that introduces the Russian army and brings new weaponry to test out in another batch of maps.

In another blog post to update the community on the road ahead, DICE revealed that the next Battlefield 1 DLC will drop players on the Eastern Front to fight alongside the Russian army. They shall see for themselves “the brutality of combat and the bitter cold of the Russian winters.”

A couple of concept arts give us a slight glimpse at some of the upcoming new multiplayer maps. First is the “Battle of Galicia” where the Russians went on the offensive against the Hungarians and the Germans.

Next is “Operation Albion” where the Germans planned a massive naval invasion to break into the West Estoninan Archipelago. Zooming in helps to see one of the soldiers wielding a Fedorov Avtomat, a Russian-made assault rifle that is able to house a 25-round magazine. It was in service from 1915 to 1940. It might very well be one of the new weapons being packed with the next Battlefield 1 DLC.

Until now, the developer has relied on seasonal updates to address changes and adjustments in Battlefield 1. However, DICE is now scrapping its schedule to promise monthly updates that will help act on more feedback on a timely basis.

“We’ll utilize the Community Test Environment to iterate on your ideas and find the best ways to make our favorite game even better,” explained DICE.

Battlefield 1 is awaiting its Spring Update, which should arrive in the coming weeks. One upcoming feature is Platoons, allowing players to create, join, and manage clans in the game.

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